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High above the cavern the Cobalt-Thorium clock keeps its irregular count.

In the early days the count decreased rapidly dropping by a point every day.

Two months later the ticks came only every other day and two months after that it was once every four days. Live sexgirl chat.

Today it is barely one a week.

Each tick is now an excuse for a party.

Not that this is exactly unusual, there being little else to do.

The whole cavern is fully automated including the nuclear pile. Sexsymbol25 free no sign up live web cam fucks.

Which is just as well since none of us know the first thing about fixing it.

According to the politicians the cavern was going to be staffed by the great and the good, distinguished scientists, artists and engineers.

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The cream of humanity surviving the nuclear holocaust.

In practice of course they had a different plan, instead of saving humanity they thought they would save their own miserable lives.

They forgot just one thing, me.

Everyone here calls me the Director but that isn't my real job title. Sexy bbw looking for ski.

I was the superintendent, the shlub whose job it was to keep the politician's bolt hole clean and tidy while they played nuclear chicken.

When they got here in their helicopters and limousines they were mighty upset to find the cavern already filled. Greek cybersex chat rooms.

And I think I did an awesome job considering the circumstances.


There wasn't time to reach MIT but I found the next best thing, the staff of the Genius bar from the Apple store in the Mall and the Denver Broncos cheerleading squad. Petite colombian girl fucked.

And right now those guys and gals are having the wildest party of their lives.

And good for them as its going to be their last one.

"No more work!" Lizzy strode into my office, turned and bent at the waist to touch her toes so that all I could see was her legs and ass. Sex avavtar chat with sexy girls webcam.

Someone had used a sharpie to write 'Director's Use Only' across her coccyx and Endorse Here' with an arrow pointing to her pussy.

She was naked of course, pretty much everyone is naked here almost all of the time.

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This gave me no choice.

If I declined her offer she would only come back with a friend or two or three or a dozen.

If that happened I might as well have tried to bluff it out in the cavern.

I moved forward The ex-cheerleader rewarded with a deep sigh as my tongue slid across her labia. Bianca ferrero porno.

Lizzy knew this position drove me wild as it stretched her buttocks up and apart displaying the unattainable prize of her virgin asshole.

Lizzy's anal virginity was something of a cavern obsession.

If any of the women had been virgins when the cavern closed, none had remained in that condition very long. Mistress porno video.

As the descent into unbridled debauchery continued, anal sex had become the vogue.

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