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Ritu stopped for a second when he did that but then moved on.

Ritu went in first followed by Dev.

I quietly moved over to the bathroom door after they entered.

I peeped in through the partially closed door and saw that my wife stood with a small towel in her hand adjusting herself and Dev in the bathroom space. Sex dating in wade mississippi.

Her shapely ass covered under the saree was towards me.

I could see them clearly from outside.

However, because I was in the dark they could not see me and anyway, they were too excitedly busy with themselves to notice me.

Dev stood straight facing my wife Ritu. Chubby ass fucked.

He had kept his flour covered eyes shut.

In the bathroom too, Dev’s hands gripped Ritu’s waist reaching behind her; as if he wanted to keep his balance.


In the compact space, Dev pulled Ritu in his arms.

There was no gap between their pelvises.

It was only minutes ago that Dev had grabbed my wife’s sumptuous breasts over her blouse and poked his cock onto Ritu’s ass (of course over her dress). Trisha sex scam.

That experience must have made his cock rock hard.

He had bent a little and pulled Ritu up a little to let my wife have access to his face.

I saw his cock poking my wife’s junction between her legs.

I was pretty sure that my wife must have felt Dev’s cock bulging out of his trousers poking into her body. Adult sexy games.

However, she carried on her task nonchalantly.

Dev pulled my wife still closer, pretending that in the small space, he was unsteady.


Dev had completely enveloped my wife in his arms.

Ritu was too hassled to react.

She turned a little.

I could see her face sideways. Free sport sex.

She carefully wiped flour off Dev’s face first, cleaned the cut, then cleaned his eyes and asked Dev if he could see.

Dev rubbed his eyes and said that some flour had gone into his eyes and he had burning sensation.

He said it might take some time before he could see. Gay live sex flirt.

I was not sure if that was true.

He asked Ritu if in the meantime, she could wipe off the flour from his shirt and trousers.

I saw my wife Ritu start wiping the flour off Dev’s neck, collars and shirt with her towel.

When she was done; she asked Dev to remove his shirt and throw it in a corner for her to wash it later.

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Dev was wearing a sleeveless vest underneath, which amply emphasised his athletic chest and biceps.

Ritu cleaned the flour from Dev’s biceps and arms.

She worked clinically.

She did not look hassled any more.

She was at ease.

She casually felt Dev’s biceps in her hands. Panterkasex sex video sexy livea.

She caressed them lovingly (I thought).

I saw a flicker of admiration in her eyes as she felt Dev’s muscles.

Some flour had fallen on Dev’s neck and through that inside onto his chest.

She tried to insert her hand to clean his chest.

Dev realised that and quickly removed his vest too. Camgirlvideos bonga.

Now Dev stood topless.

Ritu looked at Dev, who had his eyes tightly closed.


She wiped the flour off his chest and caressed his bulging chest and pinched his nipple casually.

Dev must have been hugely aroused, when he felt her caressing his chest and pinching his nipple. Hindi mobile cam sex.

I could see that from the erect and long flagpole that was poking my wife between her legs, when Dev thrust his pelvis forward pretending to steady himself.

Ritu bent a little and wiped flour off Dev’s waist.

Then Ritu had to move back and sit down to wipe the flour off Dev’s trousers. Gay sex asshole.

She pulled the hem of her saree up to her knees and slowly placed her hips on an inverted bucket.

She sat on it to wipe the flour off Dev’s trousers.

That was when she came face to face with the huge peaking out flagpole in Dev’s trousers.


She looked at that completely foxed. Ghanagirlsfucks.

Her mouth was level with Dev’s cock.

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