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In the world I habitually inhabit, the harsh physical world where death is but a careless miscalculation away, one substance rules all.

Its solid state does not cover the ground: it is the ground.

It fills the air and blocks out the sky.

Some days, it is the sky. Kissyclint sexy chat on web.

Savage beyond belief, beautiful beyond words, it blinds, it burns, it scours.

At its most violent, it can transmute bare flesh into bloody broken sores in a matter of minutes.

At its most benign, it brings a sweet, numbing death in a handful of hours.

Without a great deal of training and specialist protective clothing, one simply could not exist here. Sakura sex picture.

Without a particularly determined and enquiring mind, one would not wish to.

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I saw her first.

An outline.

A slight but sufficiently unnatural change to the icy landscape.

My experienced eyes spotted her.

My survival skills saved her.

But, despite my unquestioned abilities, it was undoubtedly Chance who decided the moment. Bbw teen webcam porn.

The moment our histories would collide.

And that, I suppose, would normally have been the end of it and Chance would just as easily have set us on our separate ways.

However, with that first glance into her frail and frightened eyes, our destinies had somehow become entangled. Sex and the city s01e01 watch online.

And the more we struggled, the more entangled we became.

The ensuing knot was devilishly complex.

Impossible to analyse.

Inconceivably difficult to solve.

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In the end, I gave up.

So did she.

What our minds could not undo, our bodies mirrored with a jumbled skein of limbs, a muddled scramble of intertwined insatiable flesh. Galeria sister babe withe anal porno.

The first time took mere moments, yet its effects would scar us for a lifetime.

In short, I fucked her.

And she fucked me.

Just as we together have fucked everything.

Out here, where there is nothing, nothing but ice and cold and death, it is blindingly obvious that the world is irrevocably damaged. Onli canada girl sex.

We are sitting on top of the evidence.

Directly on top.

It is moving, slithering, slowly sliding to the sea.

Every month, we fire up the engines and caterpillar back to our home co-ordinates, and every second of every hour of every day, the glacier carries us away.

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Year on year, the ice beneath our mobile home is thinning.

Year on year, replenishing inland snowstorms grow less and less frequent.

One day soon the evidence will simply collapse into the ocean.

And with its demise, the seas will rise.

Cities will vanish between the waves and refugees will swarm inland like army ants, stripping the land, consuming everything in their path. Isabella webcam.

Society will collapse as surely as the glacier will collapse, and civilisation as we know it will come to an end.

Like almost everyone on the station, Maria 'Mia' Sparrow was a scientist.

Like her pseudo film-star-name-sake, she was blonde, short-haired, petite and waif-like, hardly the stuff of Antarctic explorers, and yet here she was, working, contributing, pulling her weight like some burly marine.

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Until the incident that almost claimed her, I had merely acknowledged her in passing, had stolen glances at the legendary nipples that almost poked through her too-tight tee-shirts, but that was all.

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