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Yes I have and I will never regret it.

Ever since our last posting, I found myself checking the website constantly to see the comments.

It turned me on to hear how others thought our story was hot and how they wish that they could have a similar encounter. Lesbians webcam chat free.

On Friday morning, I sat in front of the computer in my office checking my email and story comments.

Comments like, “Kelly, you are amazing!” or “reading about the adventures of Kelly & Gibson make my panties moist” were having a dizzying effect on me.

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I was getting hornier the more I read.

I realized that my panties were completely soaked, and I worried I'd soon have a wet spot on the bottom of my skirt from the way I was shifting in my seat. Usa sexgirls live talk on skype.

It was time to do something about it! I locked my computer screen and discreetly walked to the women’s bathroom.

I was wearing a short pencil skirt, 4 inch peep-toe pumps, and a paper thin blouse with a thin lace bra that barely holds my 34DD’s in check.

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As usual, I turned heads on my way to the ladiesroom.

I’ve gotten used to it, but this time, I was concerned that my horniness was visible.

Could they see my erect nipples through my blouse? Could they tell my panties were soaked from the way I walked? Best indian webcam. Could they see the redness in my face? I didn’t know the answers, and I really didn’t care.

I was on a mission to relieve my tension.

I was thrilled to find all the stalls empty when I entered.

I immediately headed for the last stall for the most privacy possible. Usa sexgearl.

I didn’t waste any time getting started, hoping to finish before someone else came in.

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