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We talked later in the week, he agreed.

We set Saturday night for the dinner.

I was going to initially introduce him as a new manager in the sales department that I worked with.

The surprise would be later.

Saturday night came.

Colby arrived on time and I introduced him to Greg. Romsey swingers porno.

Greg proceeded to play to perfect host.

I was wearing one of my cocktail dresses.

Greg had commented earlier, when he saw what I was wearing, that I might be over dressed.

I told him it was perfect.

Dinner went well, good conversation, the boys were getting along well. Ifyouhadme freesex ps3.

When it came time for dessert I announced that dessert was going to be a little different tonight.

I served everyone a appropriate glass of 21 year old single malt, saying they should enjoy it and to feel free to grab seconds.


Then I told Greg that until I told him otherwise he was to sit still, say nothing, no matter what he heard, just listen to me and if he was smart to go along with my wishes. Camtocam livesex.

I then proceeded to tell him what I had been doing for the past year.

Not in extreme detail but why, how many guys, how much I had loved it and finished with Colby.

Greg did sit still, extremely so.

I thought I detected a look of astonishment and possibly even excitement. Jenna justice webcam masturbation.

I finished by telling him that we were all going into our bedroom where I was going to fuck Colby and he was going to sit in a chair in the corner and watch.

He was to keep his mouth shut the entire time until Colby left for the night.


Greg had no response other than to nod. Viet webcam chat.

The scotch was gone and Greg had consumed a second glass.

Colby had obviously known what was I was going to say but neither of us knew what Greg’s reaction would be.

Okay boys lets go in the bedroom.

Greg, you go first, find a chair and sit in a corner.

Colby, come with me. Porn on webcam.

When Greg stood I could see a bulge in his pants, not large but he was definitely becoming aroused.

I was not sure how to take that but I hoped it was a good sign.

Colby, you go in the bathroom and undress.

Do not come out until I come to get you.

The three of us went in. Online sex chat without registered.

Greg did as he was told, still having said nothing, as instructed.


I stood in front of him and slowly stripped, telling him Take a good look at me.

Something you have not done in a long time.

This is what Colby is going to fuck til I cannot take any more. Sexy passable crossdresser hispanic looking for couple.

Think hard as you watch us and continue to say nothing.

I went to the bathroom and retrieved Colby who was anxiously waiting, his cock already half hard and his long ball sack very eye-catching.

I hugged and kissed him, Have no worries, we are going to have fun like he is not there and he will not bother us. Vadim____sex www xxx chat in urdu.

I know this will sound crazy but I think it is very possible you two will become friends.

Just take my hand and lead me to the bed.


As we walked out I watched Greg.

His eyes were fixed on Colby’s long, swinging dick.

I think he was sort of mesmerized by it. Nikyyvega sex chat chubby.

I sat on the edge of the bed and began to suck Colby.

He soon forgot Greg and began to caress, fondle and squeeze my boobs and nipples.

My pussy was already leaking juice down to my ass.

After I had him fully stiff I turned to Greg, Don’t you feel inferior now? Watch videos porno playboy. Here is a real man that is going to fuck your wife senseless and you just have that tiny little thing you call a cock.

I laid back on the bed, on Greg’s side, spread wide, obviously puffy and leaking juice.

Get up here lover and put that beast in me.

Fuck me til I scream for mercy!

Free chat sex austin. I peaked at Greg, he was beginning to rub his cock.

Colby got on me and started slapping my pussy, droplets of my juice flying in all directions.

That’s it!, smack the shit out of me, whack my clit til I cum, I need you thrashing my twat! Thwack, thwack, thwack, non stop until. Olivia nice porno videos.

Oh fuck I am cumming! Put it in me now.

Thrust it all the way in.

I need it! My muscles were contracting around him as he drove into me.

I was so soaking that I was able to take all of him in his first thrust.

Sneaking another look at Greg in the throes of my passion, I saw him stroking his cock. Cams ru porno.

Greg, I shouted, don’t you dare cum! Play all you want but your do not have permission to cum!

I put my mind back on Col and my stuffed, stretched pussy.

Do me slow and deep.

I want to just enjoy the feeling of your huge cock filling me.

He did just as I asked. Live sex webcam for free without registration.

I am right on the edge.

My muscles are contracting and relaxing.

I want to cum but cannot.

, I managed to say.

Just like you asked.

You have only begun to understand how I can make you feel.

Say the word and you will be a screaming crazy woman, shivering and shuddering in orgasmic bliss. Milana4ka cam to cam ipad sex.

I hung on for a few minutes longer, then, Okay do me hard and fast, I really need to cum! He instantly sped up, plunging as deep as possible.

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