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All he needed to do was deal the cards and keep his ear to the ground.

"Sure, I'll take it.

When do I start?" "Okay, pal," Frank said.

"Go inside," pointing toward the door by cocking his head to one side.

"Watch the action so you can get an idea of our operation here. Sex cam laguna 25.

You start tomorrow night at nine thirty and don't be late.

" Cliff finished his drink and went to the door.

He heard a familiar buzz that unlocked the door with a click.

It was the same upstairs at Kelly's casino.

Inside, Cliff was surprised at the size of the room. Dyanne18 s bio and free webcam.

The room was large with at least ten tables.

There were two roulette and two craps tables.

The rest were for various card games.


Cliff hung around the blackjack table.

It was pretty much standard play like in Chicago.

He could handle it.

Cliff tried his hand at craps for the rest of the night. Webcam couple anal sex.

Lady luck was at another table.

The dice weren't rollin' his way, but as a new employee, the drinks were free.

So, Cliff figured he broke even.

He woke up the next morning as hungry as a bear coming out of hibernation.

Cliff showered, then found the Oasis buffet Angelina had mentioned. Meganrosex live sex video no singup.

Feeling bloated after too many trips to the buffet table, he went looking for a barber.

He needed a haircut and a shave.

Cliff figured he owed it to Angelina and Frank to look decent.

During the remainder of the afternoon and early evening, he kicked around at some of the clubs in the area keeping a close watch for clues in hopes of locating Tony.

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He made sure he kept his tonsils well lubricated as well.

Having no leads on Rossaleno, Cliff was at work at the Pair-O-Dice on time for once.

Business was slow until eleven thirty.

That's when things started to pick up.

His table was busy for the next three hours. Margo80 webcam live porno.

Cliff noticed a guy in the corner keeping a close eye on all of the dealers, especially him.

That was normal procedure in casinos, and he didn't mind being watched like a hawk.

The crowd was congenial except for an occasional drunk.

The bouncer usually took care of it by quietly escorting the trouble maker out to the street. Booloo webcam face to face.

It was the table talk that Cliff paid attention to.


On the first night, there was nothing of value that got Cliff's attention.

The second night was different.

Soon after midnight, Cliff's blackjack table was filled with a group from Salt Lake City.

They were all members of some church group claiming to be takin' in the sites. Women on webcam free no registration com.

The conversation at the table switched from golf to cars and finally to hookers.

The loud mouth of the group said, "Any of you guys get laid last night?" Three others smiled and looked over at Pat.

Pat was tight lipped.

"Come on Pat, spill the beans.

Where d'ya go?" Pat kept his silence until the others began to egg him on.

"Hey, Pat, tell us about the whore house.

" "Look fellas, let me play my hand.

" Pat looked at his cards, then doubled down increasing his bet on a pair of queens.

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A few cards later, he caught a winner and raked in a mountain of chips.

Pat's good fortune loosened his lips when his buddies continued to interrogate him.

Finally he said, "I don't mind payin' for everyone's hotel bills, because I owe you for saving my ass last year with that drunk drivin' charge. Nicole ray porno.

But if you guys tell my wife, this will be the last of our weekend getaways and the end of my marriage.

" "Our lips are sealed," the loudmouth said sliding a finger across his lips.

"You can trust us Pat," and the others grinned.


There's a place in town called Block 16 over on First Street. Sex dating in crosby maryland.

There's a bunch of saloons there and if you look carefully, there's a small sign pointing to Ruby's Ranch.

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