Coradivine sex msg chat in hindi.

Coradivine sex msg chat in hindi.

So here it is in one piece.

It is best read slowly, take your time.

I hope you enjoy it, and my other stories, please comment, Vix.

I walked through the door, following your instructions to the letter.

I sat on the chair you had left in the middle of the room, put the mask over my eyes shutting out the light. Sex fetish survey.

The chair was wooden, with a spindle back which lowered and came round the sides to make two arms.

I put my own arms on them and sat, waiting.

The room was dark anyway, as the curtains were drawn shut keeping the early morning sun out of the room, but the mask over my eyes made it impossible to see anything.

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I sat, listening, waiting.

My eyes kept flickering open, brushing the silk lining of the mask, the softness of the material feeling cool against my eyes, waiting.

The chair is comfy, like an old worn wooden chair can be sometimes, after being used for decades. Free online sex to watch.

The wood feels cool against my bare skin, but so smooth and silky, just a little rougher than the silk on the mask.

I'm still waiting.

I know I mustn't move.

You told me not too.

I have to sit, just like this and wait.

I don't know what I am waiting for; you never tell me. Arab lesbian webcam.

But I want it to happen; I always do.


So I wait.

I think of the last time you made me wait, I waited for hours.

But it was worth it.

Please don't make we wait so long this time.

I don't know what makes me wait for you, you have some kind of hold over me, and I have to do this, I have to wait. Xxx sex live tv.

I have to wait.

I want to go, but I don't.

I wait.

Suddenly, I know you're there.

I don't hear you, you're too clever for that.

I feel you, moving the air in the room as you walk.

You open the curtains and I feel the heat of the sun blasting on my naked body. Angel sex position.

I sit there enjoying the change, because that means it will start soon.


I feel you next to my right arm, then the silk ribbon goes round my wrist.

I know it's silk ribbon because you always use silk ribbons.

You are always gentle when you tie me up, it feels so sleek and warming to have the ribbon wrapped around and my arm. Black men porno pics.

Then I feel it, as you bind my arm to the chair.

You start just below my elbow and go down to my wrist, gently but firmly wrapping me to the chair.

I can't move my right arm now.

I know I can't without even trying, because you always make it so that I can't. Elevator sex.

But I don't try, because you told me not to.

Now you're on my left side, and I feel you with the ribbon again.


Again you wrap it round my arm, and then bind me to the chair, from elbow to wrist.

And I know I now cannot move either arm.

But I won't try to move. Hot blonde sex gif.

You told me not to.

I wait for it to begin.

But it doesn't.

I don't hear you move again, I don't feel you move again.

I wait.

The sun continues to beat down on my body as I wait.

You've never done this before.

You don't leave me like this.

When you get me how you want me you start. Mature webcam models.

Why haven't you started? So I wait for you to start.

I want to try and move, to shake the chair, just to know you are there.

But you told me not to move, not to struggle, so I don't.


I wait.

I like the waiting really, deep inside.

I like being under your spell, you having control. Natasha_ sex xxx shat rom cmr.

But right now, I don't want to wait.

I want you to start.

Because I know that it will be great when it starts, it always is.

Thats what makes me wait.

So I wait, naked, tied to a chair in the sun.

I wait for you.

I wait to hear you.

I wait to feel you.

I wait for you to touch me. Perfectsex icon of coil.

I wait for you to kiss me.

I wait for you to pleasure me.

I wait.

Then you kiss me.

Right on the back of my neck.

I didn't hear you, I didn't feel you move, I didn't feel your breath on my skin.


I just feel your warm lips on the back of my neck.

I shudder with pleasure. One to one free webcam chat free.

You know how I love my neck to be kissed.

I keep my hair short just so you can kiss me here.

Shit! that felt so good.

That made it worth it.

If you don't touch me again, if you untie me right now and leave, that kiss made it worthwhile.

I shiver when I think about it. Chat with uncensored sex bots.

I am so turned on right now that every single sense is heightened, and your lips on my neck, my favorite erogenous zone, almost made me cum.

Coradivine sex msg chat in hindi.