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Couple sex on cam.

The movie was the typical gangbang flick, but hot none-the-less.

I took my high heels out of my jacket and slipped my street shoes under my chair.

Once I placed my heels on my stocking covered feet, I was at home.

My legs were slightly spread as if I was waiting for someone to step between my thighs and lick me into submission. Indian aunties webcam.

But that would be further from the way things turned.

After about 10 minutes, two gentlemen walked in.

I’m always leery at first because of cops, but there’s no law against a man wearing high heels on his feet while dressed in a six-strap PVC garter belt set under his clothing. Emo teen webcam xxx.

One of the men sat one seat away from me while the other went towards the front.


If they were with each other, they gave no indication.

It wasn’t long before the stranger sitting a seat away from me took out his meat and began to stroke it.

I was intrigued but I played coy. Norili porno video.

I would casually look over and watch before turning back to the movie.

A while later, another person came in and took a seat directly in front of me.

The gentleman seated near me moved to the seat next to me; this is when the knee bumping starts.

It wasn’t long before the gentleman seated in front of us was flogging his meat stick and turning around to look back at us occasionally to see if there was any action. Snapchat sex id.

I grabbed the cock of the gentleman next to me, gave it a squeeze and a stroke or two to show I was interested.


I pulled down my pants exposing my stocking tops and garters.

It was a little work, but I managed to wrangle one leg out of my pants and then place it on top of the gentleman’s leg as he sat next to me. Webcam boys uk.

He rubbed my leg with such enthusiasm that I had to ask him to be gentle so as not to ruin my stockings.

He worked his way up to my cock as it hardened, and the man seated in front of us turned once again to watch the action.

With one cock in my hand and my leg over the leg of the man beside me, it wasn’t long before the gentleman that had sat towards the front of the theater joined us. Women looking for sex oklahoma city.

I was a sight by now.

My pants were off and behind my back, legs strewn over the legs of two strangers, one on each side, and my cock being stroked by a third sitting in front of us.


All the while, I had a cock in each hand and was moaning like a whore. One on one chatsex.

I love the feeling of a cock in each hand.

After five minutes of ‘churning the butter’, the man in the row directly in front of me offered his cock.

I leaned forward to take his meat between my lips.

I felt a hand slip behind me, and start probing my ass. Big boob webcam.

I was writhing on thick fingers while another hand stroked my miniscule excuse for manhood.

My mouth was getting face-fucked as if it was the first head anyone had ever received.

Someone then slipped poppers under my nose.

My heady horniness was multiplied tenfold as I moaned for a face full of come; it wasn’t long before my wish was granted.

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The gentleman in front of me pulled his meat from my mouth and shot his load on my chin and chest with a monstrous sounding grunt.

My blowjob skills were getting better, but that cum-shot happened sooner than expected.

I turned my attention to the remaining two studs. Gallery teens sex haiti.

I asked them both to stand so that I could suck them off while watching the slut on the movie screen do the same to two studs.

I alternated between two cocks while my pre-cum was dripping to the already tacky floor, where my heels shuffled me into position as I sucked for all I was worth. Chat sex japan.

The first gentleman repositioned himself behind me and told me to position my ass-pussy on his cock.


I asked if he had a condom and he quickly obliged.

Couple sex on cam.