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A perverted smile across my face.

When I’m done cumming, I always think it’s a waste to just, throw it away.

I kissed him deeply.

So, I put it in my mouth and I play with it.

It’s no secret that I love cum.

I’ve had a few ex’s, and each one of them can tell you how much I crave the stuff. Genetic testing for sex orgin.

The texture of it is what gets me.

The taste isn’t ever amazing, but that’s what makes it so dirty.

The fact that you’re letting a guy release a load into one of your most private areas.

The texture however, is amazing.

So any chance I get to feel that sticky, gooey, stringy fluid in my mouth, swirling around my tongue, sticking to my teeth and lips, I take it.

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I take the load in my hand and slide it into my mouth.

Shaun bites his lip, he’s jacking off to the sight of me playing with cum.

He’s looking at my body, my hips and my legs.

The lingerie I’m wearing.

Then it’s back to the creamy white substance that’s spilling out on to my lips, I open my mouth and show him how it’s completely covered my tongue. Mens sexy.

It’s warm, sloppy, and I don’t ever want to swallow it.

It’s very rare that I get a load this big, I’m going to savour every moment of it.


so hot.


Said Shaun, he looked as though he was finally starting to reach his climax too.

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Do you want this one in your mouth too? Equilibrium porn webcam. I close my mouth and nodding pleadingly.

I desperately want him to cum all over my tongue, the idea of two loads in there at the same time is making me incredibly hard, so I get on my knees in front of him as he uses his hands to pleasure himself.

Oh my god, I’m gunna cum. Jennifer love hewitt sexy body.

I can’t let it end like this, I can’t let him make himself cum.

I open my mouth, a little bit of cum dribbles from my lip and on to my chest.

Without hesitation I take the whole member into my mouth and down into my throat.

He places his hand on the back of my head and forces me into places.

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Oh shit! I’m trying to move my tongue into a more comfortable position, but this is just massaging his shaft and causing him to twitch.

More cum starts to dribble out of my mouth and I release a moan.

Never before I have ever been this turned on.

He releases his orgasm into me. Adult webcam free android.

He starts thrusting slightly, I can feel his member pulsating in between my lips as he ejaculates over and over.

My mouth is now holding in the two biggest loads I have ever seen in my life.

All that warm, smooth semen is pushing my cheeks out a little due to the sheer volume. Live web cam sex no sighn up.

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let me see you swallow it.

I obey.

I take one large gulp, I feel it slide into my throat, it tastes bad but the act of doing so is getting me off.

It’s not enough, I have to take another, and a final one.

There’s still a lot on my chin and tongue, but Shaun manages to clean that up himself with his mouth. Granny moms fuck boys.

I lay down on the bed, he lies next to me and I put my arms around him.

I feel so safe, like I could spend the rest of my life here and it would be absolutely perfect.

We kiss in the silence, feeling each other’s bodies and faces and lips.

Shaun, that was brilliant. Sex wepcam rulet.

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you could’ve hit me a few more times though.

We shared a laugh and I turned around and pressed my back against his chest.

He spooned me for a while, my dripping ass and his lube and spit soaked cock pressed against each other one more.

Then from within the silence, Shaun speaks. Arianna sinn fuck.

Okay then.

go and tie yourself back up again.

Make sure you use the gag.


what? Yeah, did you think I was done with you? I was just about to get some clothes on and go to the store for some new things for us to try out, you didn’t think I was just gunna make you cum and then you were gunna leave did you?.

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We went to bed spooned, as we often do, but this evening I just couldn't seem to fall asleep.

My mind wouldn't relax, and my body, though comfortable, wouldn't really let go.

You know how that happens sometimes.

The mundane niggling events of the workday just wouldn't leave my head. Deutch sex live cam ohne registrierung.

I tried to distract myself with songs, memories, even sheep for goodness sakes, but nothing worked.

I was about to excuse myself from the bed and go to the den to read or watch the tube or something, but stopped as I moved my hand to tap my Matt's arm.

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