Degradation sex.

Degradation sex.

It never is the first time I believe, but you really know your stuff.

I am more than happy the way things have worked out.

Aija is a lucky girl to have you.

Thank you, she is pretty special.

How was your time together? To be honest, it was like it is with you, better than I had imagined. Trio_hot online single sex video chat.

Not having met you both before I was curious, but now I am more than happy.

She and I had a couple of good times and a couple of great orgasms together.

We really had a great time and no inhibitions.

As we talked Ian continued to fuck me and fuck me well. Sexy porn films.

I was more than slightly experienced, and I could see Ian was no amateur either.

Between the two of us, we moved and shifted to enhance the sensation of having what I was really enjoying as extremely satisfying sex.


The thing I had noticed was his lack of attention to my breasts. Nikitaangelsu free gay sex text chat.

I love involving my breasts in all sexual activity I undertake.

I encouraged him to lick and bit my nipples as I enjoy enormously.

He followed my requests perfectly.

I would have to check with Aija to see if this is something she should explore more.

I would like to know more about Jane, Ian asked as he maintained a steady rhythm as he continued to fuck me. Valerie adams sexy.

In what way? Jeff has mentioned the both of you live together.

You both enjoy having sex with her partner as she does with Jeff.

I felt he fucks her almost as often as he fucks you.

That seems like a great arrangement.

It is.

You never know, we might all have a get together some time, I commented.

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I think there is a lot to learn about you lot.

You all sound so well adjusted.

You are all nudists too, Jeff told me.

Aija loves being nude, I think we would fit in well with you all.

Ian I am really enjoying this; I haven’t been fucked as well as this by anybody other than Jeff and Tony for a couple of years. Sex dating in tishomingo oklahoma.

You are great.

Thank you, I have to admit that you surprise me too, not that I had any preconceived ideas.

Jeff has always said he really enjoys fucking you and your girlfriend.

I know why now, As we had been talking, we had both been enjoying our fuck, I had now got my legs around his waist and the two of us were in synch as we fucked. 2d chat sex.


It was good.

We could hear Jeff and Aija getting wound up as she was getting a bit vocal and it was obvious she was about to cum if she hadn’t cum already.

Jeff is fairly quiet when he cums and apart from a few grunts and heavy breaths he doesn’t make a lot of noise. Petite free sex videos.

Ian began to increase his speed and I could feel the signs of an impending orgasm.

Without a word being said, we both prepared to cum within a minute or two.

Ian was now quite vigorous, and I could really feel his thrusts which were making my tits bounce, the slap of our bodies meeting was quite loud. The most amazing sex video.

I hadn’t enjoyed a fuck like this for a while.

I loved the feel of his cock in me and it was bringing me right on and his cock felt great working on my clit.


I was ready to cum and in order to get Ian to cum with me, I did what I often do with guys and pinched his nipples. Czech spy cam sex.

His response was immediate.

FUCK! he screamed and thence moment after me he came too; His cock had achieved the inevitable.

I was having a physical and highly enjoyable orgasm.

The nerves associated with orgasm were working overtime and my body was jerking with the delight his cum spurting cock was giving me, We both had reached our climax together. Milfs mom 50 sexy pics.

Ian was amazing, every bit as good as Jeff.

I felt the surge as Ian’s cock erupted and I could feel his cum flooding into me.

There is no better sensation of hearing and feeling a man cumming inside you.


The feeling inside me changed to that where I could feel his cock now extremely well lubricated and the warm semen around the lips of my cunt as he collapsed on top of me and slowly finishing his ejaculating inside me.

Degradation sex.