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But there was something different when we danced and I think people felt it more than saw it.

I know she felt the toy and at one point she reached a hand between us to reposition it to a more comfortable spot. Marneti porno chat onlayn.

I am sure you could guess where that was.

We kept it between us, but I felt her breath change and realize she was getting turned on, which was getting to me as well.

When the song ended, she kissed me on the cheek and thanked me in a low, sexy voice. Webcam couple party.

I had to sit down after that and cool off! Slowly the masks were taken off as people were identified.

Finally, it was down to three of us.

The majority of the party-goers had gathered in the living room and the three of us were in the center. Roselady sex usa.

It was James and I and one other lady, of course, the Inara-dressed woman.


Valerie hosted the unveiling.

While there wasn't an official contest, Valerie declared ‘Inara’ the winner.

She explained that she had realized who James and I were much earlier, but left it to someone else to figure it out. Free black webcam.

But even she hadn't figured out who Inara was.

James took off his hood and everyone applauded.

When I took off my mask and lowered the hood, my hair came tumbling out. Sexy playboy bunny.

I had it colored black to match the outfit and it looked pretty good, even after being trapped all evening.

Now it was the Lady's turn.

She walked around the center of the room briefly, offering a tantalizing tease and still no one could figure it out. Free chat no sign to talk sex by messages.

There were several guesses.

She stood in front of me and asked me to do the honors in a quiet voice.


As I took her mask off, even I was surprised.

She had also colored her hair, but once I saw the small elfin face I realized it was Gem.

I also figured out why no one had recognized her. Online sex chatting.

I don't think anyone had seen Gem wearing anything but torn jeans, the occasional bathing suit - always a one-piece - or running shorts when she was jogging in the neighborhood.

I know I had never seen her all dressed up and she looked amazing! Windy_rouse wepcam animal pornsex. She twirled around and received her acknowledgment from the group.

There were hugs all around, and even a few for me from folks.

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