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She was relieved to get off that cold railing but was starting to shiver from the cold now and not the sexual excitement of the moment.

Mike, while reaching down and pulling up his pants said, Let’s go in and get warm in front of the fire.

That sounds good, babe. Sex personal.

Lena bent down and grabbed her jacket off the deck before she and Mike went inside leaving the blouse where it had fallen.

Rebeca spent her day doing massages in the public massage area since she had no private ones on her schedule.

She was always amazed at the people she saw come through the area. Meganxxx online canada girl for sex chat.

She had everybody from a young couple to a couple that was in their seventies.

That was what was great about working here, the variety of people.


At the end of her day, she went to change before leaving.

She stopped by the scheduling board to see if she had any private massages scheduled for the next day. Sexy teen model mpg.

She saw she was scheduled for an evening massage with a couple named Mike and Lena.

She always enjoyed doing couples massages because you never knew where they would go.

A lot of her fondest memories at the resort were with couples.

The next day Mike and Lena spent the day out on the ski slopes having fun. Spank free asian sex.

Afterward, they came back and went to dinner at the resorts five-star restaurant.

After dinner, they walked back to their chalet discussing their upcoming massages.

I wonder what our masseuse will look like, Mike wondered out loud.

Lena laughed and said, Knowing you, you probably requested the sexiest one they have.

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Well, I surely wouldn’t want the ugliest one, would you? Okay, I get your point.

Actually, I asked for the most requested female masseuse by couples.

I figured if she was requested regularly, she probably has two things going for her.

She is probably sexy and good. Shellyg webcam porn onlain.

Maybe a third thing, she likes to have fun, Mike finished with a broad smile while looking at Lena.

Just as Mike had finished, they got to the door of their chalet.

On the door was a note saying that a massage table had been delivered while they were out. Sexy cam girl huge squirt.

Lena pulled it off the door as Mike unlocked it.

They went in and saw a large envelope on the entry table.

Lena picked up and opened it.

Inside was a single sheet of paper.


She pulled it out and read it to Mike.

Dear guest, You have scheduled a couple’s massage for this evening at 8 pm. Amazing 3d sex.

Your masseuse will be Rebeca and she should arrive just before your appointment time.

Please shower and be appropriately dressed for the masseuse’s arrival.

Recommended attire is undergarments or bathing suits with robes.

Thank you, The massage staff Mike looked at his watch and said, We have about an hour to get ready. Katrin_f_sex live chat with pornstar in android.

Lena smiled and said, A shower sounds good, as she walked towards the bedroom shedding clothes as she went.

Mike was hot on her heels shedding his as well.

Just before eight, the bell chimed letting Mike and Lena know that somebody was at the door.

They had been sitting on the couch cuddling in front of the fire while waiting for the masseuse.

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Mike got up and went to the door opening it to the sight of one sexy elf.

Standing there in front of him at the door was a young lady with curly blonde hair, a beautiful face and what appeared to be a very sexy body covered in an elf-like dress wearing black knee-high boots. French amateur spanking orange you glad im naked fuckbook 2018.

She was also carrying a small duffle over her shoulder.

Looking slightly up at Mike she said, Hi, I’m Rebeca, your masseuse for the night.

Mike reeling in his thoughts said, Hi, I’m Mike, and by this time Lena had joined him at the door.

Indicating her, he said, and this is, Lena. Random video sex chat.

Lena stepped closer and said, Come on in Rebeca, it’s not exactly freezing but it is colder than a well-diggers-ass.


Rebeca started giggling as she stepped through the door and Mike closed it behind her.

They moved into the living room by the glass wall looking out over the beautiful snow-covered hillside. Narooma bar webcam.

The staff had placed the massage table and a floor matt there because of the backdrop.

Rebeca but her duffel down and opened it pulling out several bottles of massage oils placing them in holders under the edge of the table.

She then spread one of the sheets the staff had left across the table before looking at Mike and Lena. Razvratniy broadcast free sex chat.

So, who gets to go first? she asked.

Mike and Lena had discussed how to play out their game and it was decided Lena would go first to test the waters.

Lena stepped up to the table and slipped her robe off revealing she was completely naked under it.


She waited for Rebeca’s reaction to judge whether she was up for it or would insist, she put something on. Beautiful webcam teen.

Rebeca never batted an eye, matter of fact she was enjoying the view of this coffee-colored woman standing in front of her.

She finally said, If you’d lay face down with your face on the rest I’ll get started.

After Lena laid down, Rebeca laid a towel across her ass covering her. Webcam sex free no sign up 1on.

Mike sat down in a comfortable chair facing the massage table in clear view of Lena and Rebeca.

As he sat down, he made sure Rebeca was looking his way and let his robe slip open displaying his semi-hard cock to her before covering back up.

Rebeca caught the whole thing and realized what the game here was tonight.

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She appreciated the whole seduction thing and thought she’d play along to see how far they wanted to take it.

She was game for anything they were, now to see what they were game for.

Rebeca took one of the oil bottles and ran a line of oil down the center of Lena’s back. Taks01985 mallu live sex.

Lena flexed at its warmth touching her.

Rebeca then used her hands to rub it all across her back and moved her hands down along Lena’s flanks until she was massaging the side of her breasts.

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