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Oh boyhottie husband is really fretting about our next move.

I believe I am ready for the next step – for him to fuck my tight little ass with his monstrous cock.

However, he is struggling with the continuing exploration of his own ass, and he just has to have his say in the matter.

~~~ See what I mean?

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" My ass! Well, it'll be her ass! She's begging for another good hard spanking.

I have no clue why I keep acting like it isn't one of my favorite things ever.

She always tops it off with that smile. Naslytiss sex video chat for free.

God, I love that smile! I spanked her naughty ass good after she rammed that butt plug in my ass.

As I enjoyed the sight of my delicate sexy wife flashing me that incredible smile, one word came to mind out of nowhere.

Not just that, but it felt so random the word too - cumulative.

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I decided the both of us would enjoy how her spanking was going to cover everything that she had earned up to this point.

As it turned out, I was correct, we loved it.

There was no mistaking her wetness trickling down onto my lap, just as there was no misunderstanding as to the meaning of my diamond hard cock. Dating and fuck in chaykendy.

I know she told you she pleaded with me to stop and tried to wrestle with me - bullshit! She loved every second of my hand on her perfect ass.

I entered our marriage ridge determined to give my all, never thinking "my all" meant "my ass".


I made a commitment to this gorgeous, sassy, playful, amazing woman that I'd be completely honest with her and now I'm finding that to do that I have to be honest with myself first. Sex rp chatroom mobile.

There is no other way to fulfill my pledge to her.

Honesty, however integral to a successful marriage, isn't the only consideration.

If it were, this would be easy - just lay out the pros and cons then go from there.

My real frustration comes from the unknown. Sexy pattycake webcam.

I use frustration as a euphemism to avoid the correct word and emotion - the one I don't want to face - FEAR.

I can't avoid facing it.


My fear will be on display to both of us, either in the hesitation I'm experiencing now or in actively ending this experience. Isex.

She is the last person on Earth I want to disappoint.

Will her view of me change if I don't follow through with the plundering of my ass? See, there is so much more to consider than the pleasure enhancement from my prostate stimulation.

I guess that's one of the hallmarks of a good husband, placing what pleases me behind what's best for my marriage, ensuring our new family isn't damaged behind some non-essential thrill. Free camgirls chat.

On the one hand, it could be a boost to our intimacy with no downside.


On the other hand, could it lead to a change of heart? I have no doubt my baby loves me right now.

I bet my life on it.

But could something like this change that? There's more to marriage than love like commitment, respect. Hot naked women on webcam.


I kept coming back to that word thanks to my uncle, Chuck.

Shortly before our marriage, he and I went camping for the first time in years.

It seemed to come out of nowhere until he started telling me what he needed to say.

He gave me some really good advice. Fisting sexual acts.

That advice, in addition to the fact that I'd never drunk with my uncle before, stood out in my mind to the present day.


Uncle Chuck said, "I couldn't let you get married without saying this to you no matter how hard it is to relive.

Whatever liberties you allow yourselves, never ever lose respect for one another. Casual fuck north olmsted wiltshire.

If you find your wife acting independently of you where she wasn't before, then something changed in her heart as well.

Look, listen, notice new things, shit, ask her point-blank, what's going on? Not timidly, but not like an asshole either.

Just confidently tell her you've noticed a change in her demeanor or her habits or her clothing or whatever.

Free webcam for pc.