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But Chelsea persisted.

She had to know what was bothering her Master.

"Master, please talk to me.

" He reached out his hands and brought her closer.

She started to get a panicked look in her eyes.

"Oh no, Master - are you going to let me go!?!" she asked, almost afraid of the answer.

"No Chelsea. Bengali sex chat with women.

I am not going to let you go.

Chelsea you and I have known each other for a little over 10 months now.

You have been my assistant in school and my slut out of school.

We have slept together, took that trip to L.


together, and lived together for most of the time we have known each other.

" "Yes, Master. Angelabell facebooksex cam.

And I have loved every minute of it.

" "That's the other thing.

You and I have both confessed that we have feelings - deep feelings - for each other.

" "Yes, Master that is true.


I do love you.

" "And I love you too, Chelsea.

That is what has been on my mind, not just today but during our trip as well.

" "What, Master? Sex online 2019. Please tell me!" "Chelsea I know that you are here in this country to go to college.

And I know that after college, you plan on returning to Farnborough to work in your chosen field.

I understand that.

But," he paused again, "I would like you to consider staying here with me.

" "Staying with you?" "Yes. Mikatroncock online porno webcam.


Chelsea I want you to live with me.

I want you to be my slut and my girl permanently.

I want you to consider this your home from now on.

" Chelsea looked at him for several moments as if trying to digest what he was asking.

She searched his eyes for any trace of what this could mean.

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There was no smile on his face, no smirk in his eyes.

He simply waited for her answer.

"Master I, I don't know what to say!" Chelsea said, completely taken by surprise.

"I was afraid of.

" "YES! Oh Master, yes, yes, yes! I would love to stay with you forever! Transexual chat rooms. Oh Master, I.

" Chelsea got up and ran to the bathroom without finishing her sentence.

He waited for a couple minutes and when she didn't return, he went to the bathroom.

"Chelsea?" he said, knocking softly on the door.

She opened the door and he saw her tear-streaked face. Free 1 on 1 webcam sex.

She fell to the floor in front of him taking his hand and kissing it several times before putting it to her cheek.

"Oh Master, you don't know how may times I dreamed of this day.


How much I wanted you to ask me to be yours.

Not just your assistant and not just some school crush. Free bbw webcam chat.

But yours.

Yes, you collared me and told me I was to live with you, but I thought that was just something for as long as I was in college.

Now you are asking me to stay here with you always.

Oh Master I love you so much.

Yes I will be yours.

I will be your slut, your submissive - I will be whatever you want me to be, Master. Online watch animal sex.

I want to be whatever you want me to be.

Oh, thank you Master.

" He reached his hand out and stroked her wet, soft cheek.

He took her hand and helped her up, straight into his arms.

"You already are, my sweet sexy slut.

You already are all that I want.

" he said, kissing her again. Nastybadgirl free random horny webcam.


I parked across the street from the house I formally called home.

The exterior appeared unchanged after eleven months away.

There was a time when I would pull up in this driveway and be filled with joy at the prospect of just being home with my family.

Sometimes happiness is an illusion, as I so painfully discovered. Gay webcam strip.

As I sat there staring at 2200 Sycamore Drive, memories flooded my mind, I’d tried so hard to block out for nearly a year.

When I left, I was resolute that I would never return.

However, I couldn't miss my son's college graduation.

The old axiom out of sight, out of mind didn't come close to being true for me. Girl sexs oline chat no rigester.

All this time away did little to heal the pain in my heart.

I remember how it all began, it was almost a year ago on a Friday… the destruction of my marriageall those lies and betrayals.


Paula truly pulled the wool over my eyes.

Thankfully, I was no longer blind. Iryna501 camgirl.

Paula and I were about to celebrate our twenty-first wedding anniversary, and as usual I was perplexed as what to buy her.

In the past, I would consider a trip, but she wasn’t keen on trips any more.

The Alaska cruise had been crowded and too cold.

The Yosemite trip was too hot and uncomfortable. Online video sex chat without signup and registration.

Once, I rented a camper to see Yellowstone, but driving that monstrous vehicle had made Paula so nervous that she practically needed therapy by the time we returned home.

Needless to say, a trip was out of the question.

As far as gifts go, she didn’t want me to buy jewelry without her choosing it. Chubby fat sex.


I have learned early on in our marriage to never attempt to buy her clothing—or shoes; that's a story in its self.

Maybe it was because I was frugal, but I always made my own greeting cards, which I did on that occasion.

I couldn't see paying five bucks for a nickel card. X angel sex.

I booked reservations for four at the Olive Garden, and I knew without asking that Scott and Susan would be joining us.

They were more like family than friends.

Paula and I had known them since college.

In fact, Scott was best man at our wedding, as I was at theirs. Maddymartiin live sex chat without login.

After all those years together, there wasn’t much about any of us that was fresh or new.

We were at a point in our friendship where we’d heard all the stories and jokes so many times that we knew them by heart.


I can't say our life had become boring, just somewhat… familiar. Porn webcam smoke.

But I digress… I opted to take the safe route and bought Paula a gift certificate.

oOo Scott and Susan arrived on time with a card and bottle of wine.

Scott wore a hound’s tooth sport jacket with tie and charcoal slacks.

Susan was adorned in a stunning new outfit that flattered her curvy frame. Sex on sport.

At the time, I couldn't remember her ever showing that much cleavage.

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