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Many of them are screwed directly into the floor, but many of the grates are just sitting atop the drains with their screws removed.

While she waits for the pipes to clear out, Xandra walks to the shelving at the far wall of the room.

Watching her walk is a pleasure. Girl for sex angola.

I haven’t watched her move from behind yet.

Her round ass is bigger than Emily’s, and moves a little differently.

I want to fuck her in that ass.

She takes three items off of the shelf.

From here I can see that one of them is a large, off-yellow sponge – the kind you’d use for washing a car. Ebony anal webcam.

When she returns, she hangs it on the dial of her shower.

When she turns, I see that in her other hand she is holding two toys.


Nice vibrators.

One in black, one in bright pink.

She hands one to Emily, who enthusiastically takes it from her.

Wearing only a quickly spreading smile, Emily lowers the toy, switches it on and presses it against her clit. Teen on webcams.

As it starts, I smile a bit at the unique buzz it makes.

Xandra turns on the other toy.

Its sounds different.

I love how every toy sounds at least a little bit different.

Even two of the same model.

For inanimate objects, they have a lot of personality.

Still waiting for the pipes to clear, both of them move toward the wall, leaning against it as they spread their legs a little further. Asian sex models.

Emily brushes the toy against her clit tentatively, to test the intensity.


Xandra recklessly presses it against her wet clit, and emits a loud, open-mouthed moan.

After a few minutes of this, they are both looking very excited.

Deliciously excited.

Seeing their faces in such clear detail while they are pleasuring themselves is almost as useful to me as watching exactly what they are doing with the toys. Petite sexy dance.

I should remember to do that.

Approaching my own orgasm quite quickly, I slow down the movement of my hand and loosen my grip.

I want to cum, but I can restrain myself.

For a moment it feels like the fog of failing executive function is clearing again.

Maybe things will stay clear for a little while… Emily is grinding her teeth and moaning now too. Sexdating sites chatpictures only.


She is sliding slowly down the wall as the strength in her legs declines.

Xandra inserts her toy into her dripping pussy with great force.

She screams, but bites her lip and arrests the sound.

What sound escapes her mouth echoes around the room, and then about the concrete maze outside it. Fuck and a haircut porno.

Watching this scene would be enough to keep me hard as rock even if I were not touching myself.

Of course, I am.

My hand is gliding up and down the length of my hard shaft at a brisk pace.

Despite the speed with which I am stroking my cock, I am relaxed. Sexy latina women masterbatting.

I lean on the nearest wall as well, facing them across the narrow axis of the room.

We are standing six or seven feet apart, I’d say.


Eight at most.

This is really fucking hot.

I’ve never done this before.

I’ve never just watched someone getting off like this. Free camfrog sex youtube.

In some ways though, it’s more like I’m watching them watch me.

The fact that they are playing with themselves right in front of me is now secondary to the fact that seeing me do the same is getting them off.

Xandra is barely standing, Emily is on the floor now, and both are about to cum. Sex japanese sailor.

Emily is tensing up.

Her knees are closing in on one another.

Steam and sweat are running down Xandra’s skin as she enjoys herself.

I feel like I could cum anytime, but I don’t feel like I need to either.

I want to watch this.

I’m going to edge myself to the biggest load I can give these two.

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They definitely deserve it.

With fingers flying over her clit, Xandra fucks herself with a tool she’s obviously well versed in the use of.

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