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Maddi she’s probably in shock.

Maddi’s voice trembled as she cried again.

She tapped her fingers against her right wrist.

That fucking charm she’s wearing.

We made them one summer 15 years ago and it might have been 10 years since she’s worn it last.

It was her favorite charm. Sexy dates frampton quebec.

She said it made her feel like a Queen.

There’s no way she’d willingly destroy it.

Savannah shifted her eyes as she grew more pensive.

You think that’s enough to prove anything? Honey, she’s moving.

Not yet.

Maddi shook her head.

She fucked up when she told me she had moved nothing. Gay korean webcam.

I bet she went through storage for everything she wanted before she set the fire.

Can you take me to the police station?


Savannah shook her girlfriend by her shoulders while raising her voice.

Let’s go home for now.

If you feel like going to the station in the morning, I’ll take you.

--- Maddi mulled it over breakfast and decided it was best to wait until the police determined it was an arson. Free online lesbian sex videos.

There’s no way Diana didn't make a mistake, she thought to herself.

Mom… You’re looking better.

Savannah’s kind words snapped Maddi from her thoughts.

Better than a few months ago.

You’ve gained weight in your face and other right places.

She smiled, but it only lasted a moment. Sweetshotsexx anonymous guest sex chat rooms.

I’m so sorry about your mom, Maddi.

Thank you.

Maddi looked down.

Mom rubbed a lot of her kids the wrong way.


I doubt many will want to help make funeral arrangements.

Then I gotta figure out what to do with Christy.

She rubbed her reddened, veiny temples.

Fuck… Maddi sighed when she felt Savannah’s soft grip on her forearm. Anal sex with happy ending.

You won’t be alone in all this.

She cooed as she squeezed.

Can I make some phone calls for you? That would be amazing.

Maddi burst into tears.

--- Thanks for coming in, ladies.

Evan Wallace said.

He was a sharp-looking man with a peppery hair in his fifties that sat solemnly across the sturdy oak desk in his downtown office. Katrinstorm webcam model.

I can’t tell you how sorry I am we’re meeting again under such circumstances.

I’ve worked for your mother all your lives.


Maddi sat nodding in silence.

She could hear the fabric from Diana rubbing her baby bump alongside her.

She shuddered, knowing her niece/daughter was growing inside her own mother's killer. Whothe fuck is that.

As you may or may not know, your mother had 10 children.

Two are deceased so Rochelle’s liquid cash assets will be distributed between all of you.

Approximately $2 million each.

Madison, your mother passed to you complete control of the Masters Foundation Non-Profit for Young Futanari. Hot sexy teen webcam.

He nodded knowingly.

There’s someone to manage the Foundation’s day-to-day operations, but I’m sure your heart and level head can bring-on lots of change.

Thank you.

Maddi said softly.

She kept her eyes downcast, fixed on a discoloured chip on the desk corner.

Galinalit celebrity free webcam.

There it was.

Madison Masters was $2 million richer—a stark contrast to how absolutely hollow she felt inside.


Evan pursed his lips.

He did so with such a reluctance that both sisters knew this is what Rochelle wanted to change.

At the close of business today, it passes all of your mother’s shares of Masters Energy to you. Indian xxx sexy chat gril xxx.

It’s a majority stake worth-- How soon can I liquidate the stock? Diana cut-in, sitting up in her chair, as something had finally caught her attention.

When Evan asked how much, she added all of it.


Maddi scolded.

The dividends from those stocks pay the mothers of our children. Lantanasho web cam kerala sex.


You can’t cut that off.

She shook her head with desperation.

You can’t sell the family company.

Diana glared.

She flattened her dress and stood.

It doesn’t matter want you think or want anymore, Maddi.

If Mom wanted us to keep the company, she shouldn’t have given it all to me. Free live webcam chat frer no credit cards.

She side-eyed Evan.

Are we done here? For now.

He nodded.

Come see me next week after I talk to the Board of Directors at Masters Energy.

It will be a long process.

I’ve got time.

She sighed, holding her shapely hips and smiling.

Next Monday, then.

Maddi I’m running to the bathroom. Mrs mischief sex.

See you outside? Maddi gave a muted reply.

Yeah, sure.

I want to ask Evan a little more about the Masters Foundation.


She wanted until the shut tightly before asking.

Has the Fire Marshal determined the cause of the fire? Maddi whispered as if the room was bugged. Sex video spy cam.

It was an accident, Maddi.

Evan kept his dismissive tone comforting.

Christy’s rabbit got loose and chewed on the Christmas tree wires.

It’s tragically common.

What exactly were you looking for them to find? I—I don’t know.

Maddi’s troubled brow tense as she looked over her shoulder. Big ass woman lick dick and fuck.

She caught a glimpse of Diana through the glass door, stroking her belly and murmuring to herself.

The blonde finally looked up and met Maddi’s gawking stare and returned a sweet smile.

Maddi waved.

Nevermind, Evan.

I understand your suspicion, Maddi.


Really, I do. Online web camera sex.

Evan sat down.

From what I hear, the investigation is ongoing, yet thorough.

Futanari aren’t exactly the most popular protected class, so it’s naturally the Rochelle Masters and Dory Drakes of the world have enemies.

But I can’t imagine anyone going to such extent to hurt your mother.

--- It started to sink in that despite her certainty, any evidence of such had went up in flames.

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