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I dropped the glass plug back into the ice box as I reconsidered, and then rummaged through for something else.

I iced myself from elbow, into my sensitive armpit.

and lower.

You watched, fascinated; your arousal reviving, as your anger visibly flagged.

You were giving yourself up to me, submitting to the punishment you had earned and deserved. Petite girls anal fuck.

I took another dip into the ice-box and removed another piece of ice – yes, real ice.

Every time my hand dipped in there, you tensed, knowing that eventually it wouldn’t be the ice that was going to come out.

Another trip to the ice box.

another block of ice. Couplesex69 adult cam free chat.

Eventually your fear was realised and I did dip into the icebox to take out the little glass phallus.


Your eyes grew wide again.

It didn't look so big to me, why did it seem big to you? I poked my tongue out cheekily, licked it from bottom to top, and then, mercifully for you, returned to the ice-box for the bottle of lube I had kept as cold as your soon-to-be penetrator. Pm96 free mobile indian webcam chat porn video.

Ahh - my thoughtfulness.

I lubed it liberally.

I hadn't touched you sexually at all and you had been bound there for over three hours, but still your hard-on speared up, and you lifted your groin as much as you could to help me access your nether hole.

I was not gentle, but neither was I rough. Chat shqip sex fre.

I inserted it firmly and steadily until your hole swallowed its icy guest the same way the tape was swallowing your moans.


The burn didn't stop now; it carried on and on and on as the cold penetrated your anal muscles: burning, clenching, radiating bliss. Wasting some time on sex women va man fuck family niggy.

I saw the pleasure-pain and how you embraced it in your eyes.

And still it burned: on and on and on.

Sitting down between your legs I began aimlessly rifling through my little box of tricks, my woman’s secrets.

Aahh that looked interesting: a thin little silk rope, red and not much thicker than a tapestry needle. Webcam porn brunette.

I played with it, idly knotting the ends together so that I had a loop that I could hook and weave between my fingers.

You sometimes felt my breath on you, sometimes my hair trailing on your legs or your groin as I concentrated intensely, weaving the little cord rope between my fingers.

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The burning in your butt had settled now, leaving just a feeling of fullness in its wake, even a little discomfort as you are lying on your back.

I was aware of it, but didn’t mention that or anything else to you.

I just sat there, seemingly in my own world, and wove my fantasies in my head as I wove the patterns in my hands. Unmonitored sex cam to cam.

In my abstraction I did notice when you started deflating again.

It wasn’t much fun for you, lying there almost completely immobile.

Knowing you, I knew that the hardest for you was not to have your words, not to be able to convince me to walk your path as you were so skilled at doing. Private sex vadios.

I had thought long and hard through many plans for you for today, and had discarded many, but the tape remained constant, a non-negotiable for that reason.


I had to have it to stay focussed until we had redressed our balance of power.

I continued to weave my cord as you watched me, patience thinning quickly. Girls with big natural boobs getting fuck.

You were nearly at your limit I realised smugly whilst I was not yet close to mine.

I continued playing child’s games with the cord – over this finger, back to that one, creating intricate little patterns, then clearing them and starting again … and again … and again Eventually, unable to hold out any longer, you grunted at me, really angry now. Tamil sex chat latest.

I casually looked up and saw the fire your eyes were spitting.

‘Don’t you understand punishment babe? Your requests aren’t important here.


’ I calmly returned to my weaving, ignoring you.

Now I’m not the only one pissed: you grunted again, determined to get my attention, but your anger had escalated. Free milf sexting.

I didn’t even look up, just carried on weaving as if nothing else mattered.

You were so distracted by trying to communicate with me that you didn’t notice my little fabric I had woven slip over your balls – but, fuck!, you did notice as I pulled it tight and squeezed until your balls tried to burst through the holes in my woven instrument of torture. Webcam boy sex.

Suddenly you remembered.

Remembered that I was actually pissed and you weren’t in any position to try to negotiate with me.

Your groan now sounded a little like a whimper, but you forced yourself to relax, and as you did, so did the pressure on your balls, a reward for obedience.

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I had discovered a new game now, although you realised I’d planned it all along and you’d fallen neatly into my trap.

I was in control here and you were starting to learn what that meant.

Your penis was no longer flagging – oh no babe, it was waving itself frantically straight, the only part of yourself you couldn’t relax through force of will. Sex riley.

And as it begged for attention, I generously gave it some, weaving my red cord around it in pretty patterns, then pulling it tighter, capturing you in its hard-soft silk, stretching you as I slipped it over your circumcised top and then started all over again – a new pattern. Sexy teen spy cam.

Sometimes it moved from your cock back to your balls, but always the same – the patterns, the incredible stretching – and then … bereft, nothing, until I started again.

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