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She cranked up the music and threw some whiskey in a glass.

She hated herself.

She hated what she was.

She would never be able to do anything right.

Never be able to love and be loved by someone worthy.

She didn't deserve Yasmin if she couldn't stand up to another vamp for her love. Haleyred sex video for mobil.

She downed the whiskey, pouring more into a glass.

She walked barefoot through the house, lighting a few candles and opened the sliding door, looking out at the night sky.

Her hunger was strong tonight.

She hadn't indulged in over two years.

No wonder why she was so out of sorts. Chocolate sex images.

Angry, she swallowed more of her drink, Evanescene coating her with their sorrow.

She didn't know how long she stood in her own darkness when she heard someone walking towards her door.


Her ears zeroed in on the sound and she heard the knock.

She finished her drink and strode to the door, not in the mood for company. Experiment georgia sex friends.

When she opened it, she almost had the urge to shut it again.

Yasmin stood in front of her, soaked from the rain that had started to pour, her blond hair looking dark, her blue eyes full of apology.

"Can I come in?" she asked softly.

Rain shrugged, "Enter at your own risk. Sex bom domina tube.

I don't have an amulet above the door," she said, her voice low, taunting and she turned, walking through the dark house.

She heard the door shut, heard Yasmin follow her into the kitchen.

The light shone as she opened the freezer, grabbing the bottle of whiskey.

"I'm sorry Rain," Yasmin pleaded, tears in her eyes which Rain forced herself to look away from.

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Her heart was aching.

It had never felt like this.

"You made it clear what I really am to you.

And there's no need to apologize.

I hate who I am as it is," she nearly spat and left the kitchen, taking the glass from the island.

She was almost at the sliding door when she felt Yasmin's arm on her hand, her heat on her and Rain whipped around quickly, her vampness getting the best of her as she grasped her hand, not hurting her but holding it away from her, firmly. Sharonmirage ukraina porno online.

She knew her eyes had gone completely black.

"Stop, Yasmin.

I can't be.

I can't give you what Liza can give you.

She's the only one that will truly invoke that bite.

the response you had towards it.

I'm nothing compared to her," Rain said harshly, tears threatening to fall.

"Rain, please.

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I love you, I don't want to be with her.

I only want you.

" Rain looked at her disbelieving.

"I don't feel it anymore," she said, her voice gone flat.

Yasmin's tears flowed as she took Rain's hand, placing it over her heart.

"Feel it.

Please say you feel it. Evamilfx mom webcam xchat.

Because it's real.

I'm sorry baby.

I don't know why I introduced you to her like that.

It came out all wrong.

was not what I meant.

" Rain's eyes were downcast, her shoulders falling slightly.

"She doesn't even compare to you.

" Rain's head came up, sorrow in them but she saw her listening.

"You are who I want. Free chat room sexy horn women no sign ups.

Please believe me," she said softly, cupping her face in her hands.

Rain looked at her, felt her heart hammering under her hand, her scent one of love, and fear.


But not fear of her, fear of losing her.

Yasmin touched her forehead to hers and wrapped her arms around her neck. Sex chat hindmarsh island iowa.

Rain felt her own arm go around her lower back, the bottle still in her hand, tentative.

Her other hand still remained at her side, their eyes on one another.

Rain felt the tension dissapate slightly.

"I know why she came back.

And it's justified.

I won't stand in her way, she loved you first. Http sexchat.

Because I can tell there is care there from her.

I want to fight for you, but she will ultimately win if I do," she admitted in a whisper, even though she didn't want to.

Yasmin shook her head, "I choose.

I choose my future and who I want to share my body and blood with. Lisa lee porno.

And I've made my choice.


Rain, I won't lose you.

I told her that you are the one I choose.

" Rain let out a slow breath, finally believing her and she dropped the bottle, bringing her into her arms and Yasmin let out a soft sound as she tightened her hold on her, burying her face in her neck. Sex users snapchat.

Yasmin had chosen her over an obviously stronger and superior vampire who still had a hold on her through her saliva in the bite she had given her, and she felt her heart kick start into overdrive.

"Mine," Rain said in a ragged voice, carrying her into her bedroom.

"Yes," Yasmin said softly. Boygirls live gay sex chat without sign in.

They reached the room, dim lights on, silk sheets on an unmade bed.

She lay Yasmin on it and without preamble, Yasmin took off her shirt and bra, then stood, undoing her pants, pulling her thong off with them.

"Fuck," Rain breathed, following suit, her clothes following hers onto the floor.

"God, you are so so sexy," Yasmin whispered, reaching for her and Rain came over her, their mouths meeting hungrily.

_____________________________ Their bodies wound around one another as their mouths fed, Yasmin knew she was already wet, ready for her.

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She looked up at her darkly, full of desire, and ran her finger over Rain's canine.

Rain hesitated, then reached up, taking off one and then the other cap revealing longer canines, too long to be human.

Yasmin blinked up at her, then gave her a shy smile. Bananapeachsmoothie porn webcam.

Rain growled low, her mouth trailing over her skin, her sharp teeth gentle across her body, over her breasts, tongue on her nipples, then lower.

Yasmin moaned, Rain's tongue between her legs, on her clit, her body on fire.

"Please," she whispered, needy. Alexhotguy sex im chat.

Rain moved up her body, her fingers between her legs, their mouths meeting.

Rain's mouth went to where her long-ago bite was and Yasmin gasped, arching under her, her legs twining around her lips.


Rain looked at her intently, her words slow, "You give this to me?" Yasmin felt her body relax into her voice, "Yes.

" Rain sighed softly, holding her close, the last vestiges of hesitancy falling away. Watch live lesbian sex.

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