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Hot woman sex.

His semi-hard dick is swinging between his legs.

His uncut cock is nearly six inches long with a nice overhanging foreskin.

For his weight and height, he’s seriously well endowed.

He is nearly hairless, just a blond patch of pubic hair.

Les goes to the couch, pulls back the sheet and blanket, and crawls in. Sex cams 18.

Travis turns off the table lamp and that's us for the night.

But, a couple of hours later, I wake with a full boner.

Lying on my left side, I’m being spooned, a hard dick pressing against my butt.

An arm is wrapped around me and a hand is inside my shorts. Asian sex fetish.

It has a firm grip on my hard cock.

I partially roll over and grasp the erection pressing into my backside.

I realize that it is not Travis.

Les must have slipped into our bed and got between us.


His cock feels awesome in my hand.

It is hot and solid with impressive girth and length. French teen webcam.

I slowly jerk it and rub the tip against my side.

Les lifts up my arm and snuggles into me.

I lay on my back and Les kisses my nipple.

He licks under my arm and kisses my armpit.

It tickles.

Never had that happen before and I sort of chuckle.

He kisses a path across to my other nipple and then lower to my belly button. Telugu sex trisha.

That tickles, too.

His tongue is hot but moist.

He pushes down the blankets and my shorts as he makes his way south.

He lifts up my cock while kissing and licking my belly and groin.

Then he licks my cock, up and down and all around the shaft.

He fondles my nuts and kisses my cockhead before squishing my foreskin between his fingers and thumb.

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His lips tug on the overhang before he slides his tongue into the opening and circles my glans.

Slowly, he retracts my foreskin and kisses the exposed glans.

Once my hood is entirely pulled back, he licks along the shaft and all around my cockhead.

I shudder. Boy live chat sexi arabi.

My cockhead is super sensitive.

Then he puts my cock in his mouth.

He doesn't just give me a blow job, he makes glorious love to my cock.

He caresses it.

Kisses it.

Worships it.

He bathes it with his tongue and mouth.

This seems to be his passion.

He licks the full length of my rigid tube, all around and up and down. Free couple webcam.

My cock is the center of his universe at the moment and he sucks my whole length into his mouth.

My cock pulses against his tongue and down into his throat.


He hand massages the base of my cock and slowly pumps up and down.

He works the hood over my cockhead and back again while he sucks. Black teen tits webcam.

His mouth engulfs me once more.

My cock throbs and pulses.

It feels great, nearly overwhelming.

Travis is now awake and aware of what is happening.

He sits up in bed, watching Les work miracles on my erection.

I’m breathing hard and my hips writhe in unison with his movements. Hot tina webcam history.

Soon, my pulsating cock expands in his mouth, letting Les know that I’m close to climax.

He bobs faster up and down until I erupt, cum blasting down his throat in spurt after spurt.

He swallows it all, licks the end of my cock and squeezes my cockhead until I’m drained. Vendetta_233 free sex and webcam chat no credit card.


My cock wilts and Travis taps Les on the back.

My turn, he says.

With my sight adjusted to the gloom, I can see that Travis has a mighty erection, proudly pointing towards the ceiling.

Les rolls away and gets a firm grip on Travis's cock.

He engulfs it in one swoop and immediately starts bobbing up and down. Free online sex chat no signup.

Travis's hips slowly thrust in time with Les's movements.

Les will soon find out, like I did, that Travis has the most suckable cock.

It is just the right size to take in a mouth, a comfortable length and thickness.

It is not big enough to choke or gag but it has substantial girth and a length that provides hours of pleasure. Malayalamsex xxcall.

His cock is a most delectable piece of meat.

Since he is cut, he lacks the sweet foreskin nectar but his pre-cum is very tasty.


Whether I gather it with my finger or on my tongue, its taste is delicious.

And when he cums, his tasty loads are huge and thick. Britney spears iphone porno.

Remembering the awesome feel of Les's erection, I crawl down to the end of the bed and wedge myself between him and Travis.

I grasp Les's cock.

It is hard and thick and, of course, the tip is wet with his secretions.

I put his dick in my mouth, savouring the taste of his sweet nectar. Sexy girl i.

I insert my tongue within his foreskin and swirl around his glans.

I pull his foreskin back and lick and suck all around the head.

Inside my mouth, he feels so hot.

And thick.

I greedily slurp away.

I take it out for a moment and lick up and down his shaft. Shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker tits fart dirty twat.


Then I lick his nut sac, before alternately sucking each ball.

Like his body, his sac is smooth, with just a fine sprinkling of hair.

Engulfing him again, I suck in earnest and he thrusts forward and back.

When he cums, I hear him groan and gasp as well as he can with a mouthful of Travis’s hard cock. Nicole kidman hot sex.

With one final thrust, his cum splashes into my mouth and down my throat.

It is so hot and sweet.

I relish his ejaculate on my tongue and swallow it all greedily.

Then I hear the familiar gasp of Travis cumming.

We’re all wet with sweat and other fluids and breathing hard as he finishes. Maksi92 sex chat in uk.

Les continues sucking Travis until his cock is limp and I play with Les's cock and balls, licking off all the cum oozing from his diminishing cock.


Gradually, we all relax, thoroughly spent and thoroughly sated.

I move back up on the bed, as do Les and Travis. Sex free mom.

I snuggle Les between us.

He was a stranger six hours ago but we are completely comfortable with him already.

All it takes is a blow job between friends! Later, I awake to the sound of Travis in the shower.

He and his uncle are going fishing and leaving early. Sex film pix.

I was invited but declined.

I find fishing as exciting as watching paint dry! Anyway, they are staying overnight Saturday in a tent and will be back Sunday afternoon.

--------------------- To be continued ------------------- My thanks to JWren for all the editing assistance. Busty chubby webcam.

Hot woman sex.