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I groaned with pleasure at the exquisite shock of the mouthful of cold wine on my cock.

Bending forward as Mel worked on my cock, I fumbled for the buttons on her blouse, but before I could open it Mel released my cock and pulling away from me stood, saying I’m not very big there, and anyway you haven’t seen my special panties yet!Turning away from me she pushed her pert backside back at me, at the same time flipping up her brief skirt. Granny sex chat rooms.

Beneath her skirt she wore a frilly pair of white lace panties, a style I think are calledboy shorts’, except this pair were split from the waist to the crotch, held together with three little white satin bows, so that the shadowed cleft and creamy flesh of her smooth buttocks peeped through the openings between the bows.

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My heart was pounding, my breath short as I gazed at the entrancing sight.

Do you like them Doug?Mel whispered, looking back at me.

Choking on words that would not leave my throat I nodded vigorously.

Do you want to undo the bows?Mel breathed sexily.

Sliding from the chair onto my knees I pulled Mel’s hips closer. Chat sex online.

With trembling fingers I untied the first bow, exposing more of her buttocks, bending forward to press my lips to the cool flesh of her smooth globes as I fumbled the next bow undone.

Taking my lips from Mel’s smooth buttocks I whispered hoarsely, Are there more bows at the front?Yes!Mel whispered back, But don’t you like my bottom?Of course!I choked.

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Show me how much!she breathed, waggling her hips invitingly.

In response I grasped her smooth mounds in both hands, spreading them to rain kisses inside her cleft before licking up and down its length, pulling her cheeks even wider apart to tongue the pursed pink pucker of her anus. Senior mature gay shower sex.

Oh yes!Mel groaned, You do like it! I wanted you to like it! I want you to fuck me!Turn around then!I whispered hoarsely.

No, give it to me that way, the way you did Dave!she responded urgently.

Disconcerted, but still highly excited I told her, But I need lubricant!In the silver box on the coffee table,she told me in an urgent whisper, and condoms, if you want them!Crawling past her and reaching for the box I told her I’d rather feel you on my cock!Taking the tube of lubricant from the box and uncapping it I turned back to Mel, who had moved to the chair I had recently vacated and was bending forward over it, bracing her arms on the chair with her hips pushed back towards me.

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Spreading her smooth globes with the thumb and fingers of one hand I pressed the neck of the tube to her pink anus, forcing a good squirt of lubricant in and around it.

Standing, I kicked off my trousers and briefs and moved closer to Mel.

Feeling my hot knob probing the cleft of her buttocks Mel looked back at me over one shoulder. Im looking for sex in atlanta.

Be gentle with me Doug, I’ve never had one that big before!Telling her Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll take it easy at first!I moved even closer.

Parting her buttocks with both hands I guided my knob to her pucker and pressed forward.

Despite Mel’s concern my knob initially slipped partway in quite easily, but I heard her give a little gasp as the resistance increased.

Indian aunties sex on live webcam.