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But I digress.

So we scheduled a night and when Gena came over, I met her at the door naked, even though we hadn't pre-arranged that.

From my experience with Melanie, I had learned that getting that embarrassment out of the way as soon as possible would help me and help break the ice between Charles and the stranger because they would have 'Naked-Me' in common. Live free kerala sexy girls viedio chatting.

I noticed that she drove an expensive car and although casually dressed, her outfit was also quite expensive.

After we closed the door behind her, Gena looked me directly in the eye and asked, "May I have a hug?" "Of course," I replied.

We must have looked quite strange; my fully-naked, somewhat shorter, older and rounder body hugging her fully-clothed, slender, younger, almost fragile frame.

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I sensed tension in her.

Of course, what woman wouldn't be tense under these circumstances.

So I did my best to make my hug convey warmth, security and acceptance and I felt her noticeably relax, although not completely.

When we released each other, it was as trusted friends. Fuck girls in bridge of orchy.

She immediately went over to Charles and repeated the request.

As he hugged her, he looked over at me and his eyes conveyed confusion, then a dawning understanding and I watched as the remaining tension left her.

"It's my belief that I can tell a lot about people from their hugs. Luana brazil porno star.

You both are good people and I feel safe and secure here.

May I text my husband and inform him that you passed my hug test?" I said, "Yes Gena, you're safe with us, from everything but a good time.

" After some preparation, Gena was ready for me to give my first ever enema to any person.

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She positioned herself on hands and knees on a rug in our bedroom, right next to the door to the master bathroom where she would have privacy.

I cautiously inserted the lubed tip of a hose into her tight anal ring and it was so very unexpectedly erotic, especially knowing that Charles' cock would soon be there. Mevr de vries sex.

He and I then took turns filling her up until, after the fourth, she pronounced herself ready for action.

I lit the candles and turned out the room lights.

Gena had already shed her lower clothing for the enemas.

Now, she unselfconsciously removed her top and bra and I got my first look at her fully naked. Whatsapp sex chat malayalam.

I felt a comforting stir in my pussy as I took in the total package.

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I had always tried to deny my attraction to women, but the lesbian photos I saw in the profiles on the erotic stories website were so damn sexy! After my experiences with Sandra and Melanie, I was now comfortable with my bi-sexuality. Ethiopian gril free porno.

Gena asked to see my fingers and, after noting my long nails, she asked if I minded wearing rubber gloves.

I accepted and she unexpectedly gave me kitchen style gloves instead of medical style gloves.

They had textured fingertips and those would come in handy later. Super6321 chat bot sex bot text mobile.

She put a little lube on the tips of two of my fingers and then climbed onto the edge of the bed in the doggie position.

"Start with one finger and I'll tell you when to add more lube and more fingers.

" Charles began to strip as he watched in fascination while Gena ordered me to stretch and relax her tight sphincter.

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