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It was, of course, quite correct for Jill to do that because the whole intention was to teach mom a lesson about being in the car without a seatbelt, which was as much for her own safety as anything else.

Clearly, what had started out as a wish by the four of them to feel what a caning was like, was now something transformed into real discipline being given by one to the other. Webcams female muscle in room.

Equally, mom realised that she had done wrong and was actually all for a proper discipline regime being introduced between each of them.

They were all grown-ups, after all, and should know better, but they all reckoned that a discipline regime like this was something that would help them all improve their lives, without the necessity of long drawn out discussions.

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As Jill positioned herself she glared at the back of moms head and said sternly, As you have been honest with what you have done wrong, you will get twelve strokes, in two sets of six.

Kathy was aware that the comment was as much intended for her as for mom, because she hadn’t said what she had done wrong, and so was now expecting more than twelve strokes when it was her turn to face being disciplined. Webcams video madonnaii.

Even mom knew she deserved to be caned and said to the seat of the chair, I know I deserve to be caned, Miss Lisa, so please make them all hard strokes.

Jill was happy mom’s request and with the position that she had taken up, and, even though mom was still sobbing, she had no sympathy for her because this was a lesson that needed to be taught. 100 free fuck site no signup no credit card r.


Therefore, focussing, Jill pulled her arm back and brought the cane down firmly across both of mom's bottom cheeks, and watched as it forced mom's cheeks to surrender before bouncing back and swirling around.

Jill still had no sympathy for mom even as she gasped with such pain because she had asked to be caned hard because she knew she needed to be. Gabrielle hanna sexy.

As Jill surveyed mom's bottom and listened to her sobs, mom did as she was supposed to do, and said an, albeit slobbery, Sorry, Miss Jill.

Jill took that as the signal for the second stroke and, as that landed, there was a repeat of moms bottom surrendering to the cane before bouncing back and swirling around. Oklahoma city bbws looking to fuck.

She also watched the second red welt appear as mom continued to cry.


Mom took slightly longer this time but knew that she had to show her submission by repeating, Sorry, Miss Jill.

Jill then continued to land more strokes across moms bottom, adding welt after welt which added to the colour of the blue bruising. Sexymalino4ka desi video live sex chat.

Each time mom managed to say that she was sorry, and Jill was satisfied that the lesson was being learned.

Jill completed the first set of six strokes and stopped for a while, although continued to rub the cane back and forth across moms bottom cheeks. Katy sex video.

Mom was crying quite freely, as she knew she would, because, having reached an orgasm, she told herself that this was going to be a severe discipline punishment rather than one that was going to arouse her.


Of course, when all four of them had said they wanted to try being caned they expected the caning to go slowly and to end with an orgasm and hardly expected to cum during the caning. Sexylive online chat free.

Equally, the caning was supposed to be for sexual reasons and not for discipline.

How things had changed, and so quickly, they all told themselves.

Jill decided she had waited long enough and pulled her arm back and landed the cane for the seventh stroke, hearing mom's even louder gasp. Tropicalebony free sex trial with milffs.

Even so, she was delighted that mom apologised once again, so still recognising that she had earned the punishment.

Mom was starting to recover from the first six strokes as she looked behind her, and, although Jill’s legs were not altogether clear because of the tears that filled her eyes, she could tell that Jill had pulled her arm back, and so expected the next stroke.

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When it came it hurt rather more than she had expected, and although she gasped out with the pain, and certainly hated being caned, she still knew that she had to stay in position and take every stroke.

Jill proceeded to land the next stroke and watched as mom's next red welt appeared, and decided that she did rather like what she was doing to mom's bottom, but was still a submissive herself and couldn’t wait for the same to happen to her. Asian mon fucks son.

Of course, she wasn’t going to be as silly as mom and so her caning would be the more sensuous type they all actually wanted.

As the strokes continued to land across her bottom, mom cried out louder and louder and knew that the tears were flooding down her face.

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She had even lost count of the strokes as she tried to cope with the pain, but at least knew that the caning was over because of the gap since the last stroke.

Although Kathy knew that she was going to be next to be punished, she was getting more and more turned on by watching mom being disciplined, and particularly when being caned and found herself tensing her thighs together until she let out a gasp when she came. Mature lesbian fuck girl.

Kathy even liked it when she saw the caning was over and mom stood up, turned to Jill, and said a heartfelt, I am so sorry, Miss Jill.

I will always wear my seatbelt in future.

They then hugged each other, with Jill taking the maternal role and shushing mom who couldn’t yet stop herself sobbing.

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It was quite clear that discipline had worked because it was well known that when mom said something she kept her word.

As Jill hugged her back and squeezed her bottom, she said, I am glad you have learnt your lesson, mom.

Obviously, if you forget again then the punishment will be even worse, but hopefully, that won’t have to happen. Victoria june porno 1080.

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