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His name was Jack, and about the time Jay was hired at Elite Prep, Jack was hired at the Clinic after a year-long surveillance and monitoring program.

Ever since then, Jack inseminated two to three women per day, using the rest of his time to work out, ingest vitamin-infused foods, and take classes to continue exercising his mind. Bianca kajlich sexy pics.

By his estimates, he'd sired between 60 and 100 children by now.

Jay had spoken to Jack about taking his students to see the clinic, and after much reservation, he told his brother he could bring his class, but if any trouble ever came of it, he couldn't under any circumstances tell the government that he'd given him permission to do so.

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Arranging his field trip through the school, Jay blocked out two hours to make sure his class got to see at least two sessions, but didn't disclose where he was taking them, telling the class that it would be a surprise.

On the day of the trip, Jack took his class to eat lunch, then got them all onto the correct subway line. Webcam nice girls arab.

As they exited the subway tunnel and re-emerged on the street, they had to pass through a restricted checkpoint and then into a blank building, with a door simply marked: Naturex Clinic San Diego , Appointment Only, call 045-89-619-792-0644 with any inquiries.

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Passing through two more security checkpoints, the students were ushered down a hallway and then finally through a door and into a dark room with auditorium chairs.

The seats faced a giant window that opened into a room furnished with a bed, a cushioned chair, a couch, a hot tub, and plush carpeting throughout. Oksiss sex.

With everyone clamoring for details as to where the hell they were and what they were there to see, Jay finally stood in front of his seated students and carefully explained the concept of the insemination clinic to them in detail.

Mouths agape, they clearly couldn't believe their ears, but nonetheless accepted Mr.

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Greg's lesson, as he'd promised they were about to see everything he was describing live and in person.

This observation room was generally used for doctors and high government officials, but it was going to provide the perfect venue to teach Jay's students what he couldn't seem to get through to them in the classroom. Sex web.

Warning them that the man they were about to see was his twin brother, Jay sat down in the back row so he could observe his students as they observed barrier-free sex for the first time in their lives.

Within a few seconds, his brother Jack emerged through the door, wearing only a cloth robe.

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As he prepared an array of bottled lubricants and towels on a nightstand adjacent to the queen-size bed, a female passed through the same door, wearing the same cloth robe, only a different size.

She was a very attractive brunette, likely in her late twenties, with shoulder-length straight hair, and though it was concealed beneath the tightened robe, was obviously big-breasted. Anissa kate heaven kai taylor porno.

As she approached Jack, their difference in size became apparent.

Jack, like Jay, was about 6' tall with a thin, but muscular build, and she was no taller than 5'-6", toned, but with supple curves to her body.

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The room was microphoned so that the students were able to hear what went on in the room. Pretilicious free erotik webcam.

As Jack began to massage her shoulders while seated on the bed, the students learned that her name was Sheila and this was the third sex session she'd had with Jack.

Soon thereafter, he removed her robe, exposing her creamy-white skin, taut belly, curvy hips, and a luscious pair of large breasts hanging from her chest. Marrymay russian video chat sexy girls.

They were the type that, even after all these decades, couldn't be duplicated through plastic surgery.

This Sheila, thought Jay, was truly blessed.

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She massaged his penis through the robe for a few moments, then removing it, springing his erection into full few of all twenty students. Sit chat sex jasmin.

Jay watched his students more than he watched his brother and his sex partner, anxious to see their reactions to what they were witnessing.

They were enraptured by the action, watching her go down on his sizeable penis, taking most of it into her mouth, another highly illegal sex act.

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