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Rain's mouth went to her neck again, and gently she slipped her teeth into her, her fingers following suit below and there was only slight pain and then enormous pleasure as she groaned, feeling like her body was suspended above her.

She cried out, her hands grasping her as she felt her pull strongly on her, her fingers sliding in and out of her warm depths, her clit engorged as she kept her thumb on it, running her wetness over it again and again.

"Rain. All sex online.



" she moaned, her body starting to tremble under Rain's stronger one.

Rain groaned and pulled again, her blood flowing into her mouth and Yasmin thought she was going to pass out from the ecstacy as her vagina clenched tightly and then she was climaxing, her body shuddering and twisting as Rain took her blood and her body, the feeling indescribable.

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Rain gentled her touch, slowly pulling her mouth away and Yasmin panted softly, pulling her close, wanting more, feeling something was missing.


don't want to bind you unless you want me to.

You wouldn't be my shadow, but an equal.

" she said, almost embarassed, afraid. Couple sex chat cincinnati ohio men xxx road.

She could see the hope in her eyes.

She hadn't bound her.

She wanted her to have that choice.

To be her companion.

But not a plaything, someone skulking around after them as a blood supply.

Someone with her own free will.

Binding her would ensure that no other vampire played upon her bite, making her subsceptible to their charm.

"I want to be yours," Yasmin whispered, running her hands up Rain's thighs, touching her gently between her legs.

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Rain let out a groan as Yasmin turned over above her and took her mouth, her fingers finding her dripping wet.

She gently pushed into her, palming her clit as her mouth took her nipple between her teeth.

Rain gasped, her body taut with desire as Yasmin made love to her, Rain's body undulating in the dark room, her orgasm fast and strong. Girl for sex angola.

Rain lifted her in her arms, Yasmin straddling her and they kissed softly.

Rain's mouth went to her neck again, her hand cupping her breast, her other holding her lightly and then she sunk her teeth into her again lightly.

Yasmin felt the jolt of sensation and pure bliss as she drew on her again, featherlight her lips moved on her skin and she felt something flow through her, an indescribable feeling, like warm liquid running through her veins, drawing up her whole body, her will, her soul.

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She felt exhiliration spiked with a brief moment of fear as she gave herself over to this woman and then she climaxed again, with only her mouth on her, their naked bodies tight on one another.

Rain moved her mouth, cradling her head in her neck, Yasmin feeling tears seeping under her lashes as she clutched at Rain who was shaking from taking in her aura, blood, and surrender. Www freesex livecums com.

She had felt the moment she had been bound to her, and felt nothing but love and need for her.

As they collapsed onto the bed, she curled herself into Rain's larger body, feeling secure and peaceful.

She touched Rain's face, her eyes dilating slowly back, the warm brown appearing.

"I can't believe you're mine," Yasmin bit her lip.

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Rain laughed softly, "I certainly am.

" Drowsy partly from making love and from blood loss, she feel asleep quickly in her arms, trusting Rain would keep her safe.

"I've never.

bound anyone to me before," Rain whispered almost inaudibly before she fell completely into Neverland. Online hd sex games.

Yasmin nuzzled into her.

The fact that Rain had waited this long to do it meant she had been waiting, just like her.

____________________________ Leia laughed, shoving at Rain who grinned.

They had all gone out to a club that had just opened near the waterfront. Sextrader indian.

Rain and her had been secretive about their relationship, but little by little, the team found out.

At first a few of the girls had been weird about it, but soon it was like no big deal, the vibe going back to what it had always been between all of them.

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Tina had admitted that she thought they made a perfect couple and Britt chimed in, agreeing.

They still weren't really physical in public, but that was more because that's how both of them were.

They were sitting a few steps up from the main floor at a large table, six of them meeting for drinks and some dancing. Skype web cam sex show contacts.

They had been at the club for a little while when Yasmin noticed a group of vamps come in, their shadows trailing behind them.

They all wore dark clothing, one in all leather.

The shadows looked palid, listless, the vamps predatory.

She saw that Rain had noticed them as well, her eyes on them, her leg, which had been jiggling under the table, stilling.

"Shadows are just. Webcam teen threesome.

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they look so sad and pathetic.

" Britt sighed, having seen them as they crossed the middle of the floor towards the bar.

One of them looked up at their table and his eyes landed on Tina, then Britt.

Scoping them out.

He smiled at Tina and then continued walking. Jayabharathi nice sexy scene.

Tina's face looked flushed, her eyes slightly confused.

Yasmin eyed the vamp.

Possibly undead.

Or possibly Tina was more willing than she had thought.

Rain was looking at Tina, but said nothing.

"He was kind of hot," Britt said, quirking her eyebrow.

And he was. Mila kunis nude sex.

Dark hair, light eyes, his body athletic.

His cheeks were rosy, signifying he had slaked his thirst recently.

The shadows did look sad, fawning over the vamps, doing whatever it was they asked.

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After Rain had bound her, Yasmin hadn't felt any different.

And she knew the reason why. Live cam sex korea.

Rain, who as a vampire had the power and the tools to mold and bend Yasmin the way she saw fit since she had bound her, did not try to make her malleable.

She let her keep her own free will.

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