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Oh my!!! What an intense feeling! I collapsed against his chest while he fingered my ass and pussy from behind with both his hands.

I grabbed his shirt and buried my face in his neck squealing.

These sensations overtook my flashbacks.

"I want some of this one," said another deep voice behind me. Milli_oone sex toy chat.

The first man withdrew his fingers and pulled me further into the cubby hole.

He sat on a couch and pulled me into his lap with my back against his chest.

The other man who 'wanted some', knelt in front of me and put my legs over his shoulders.

Is this happening? Kjol ups fitta zdjecia porno. I could not have moved if my life depended on it.

I had trouble seeing him in the darkness but felt his warm mouth between my legs.

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He was savagely eating me out, while the other man held me tightly against him, fondling my breasts, and kissing the side of my neck. Tomball big women sex.

Every time I tried to move, the man behind me gripped me tighter.

I felt it building.

and building.

and building.

and then release.

Oh, the sweet release came.

All my cares started to melt away with the fire they lit inside me.

The stranger between my legs moved first and leaned forward, kissed me on my mouth, said thank you, and walked away.

"Are you alright, sexy?" the first man whispered in my ear.

"Yes, thank you," I said breathlessly, trying to get up. Lesbian bondage fuckings.

Straight ahead of me was another man with a woman pushed up against a wall.

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He was fucking her very hard from behind.

I could hear his balls smacking her ass with each thrust.

I needed someone to fuck me like that.

I needed to forget.

Tears trickled down my face. Top porno.

I turned and ran smack into another man.

He was very tall and I couldn't make out his eye color.

They looked almost black.

"Lovely, if you are wanting to cry, I will give you something to really cry about," he said as he wiped a tear from my cheek.

He pulled me out of the dark hole and led me to a soft overstuffed chair. Wifes fucked bourg.

There was a paddle on the table beside it.

"What are you doing?" I stammered.

"Giving you the cry you seem to need," he replied and swiftly sat down pulling me down across his lap.

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Before I could protest, he raised my dress, grabbed the paddle, and smacked my ass hard with it.

"Ouch!" I yelled and then struggled to get up.

"Just give in to the pain, lovely. World sex guide bethlehem.

You will thank me later.

" Smack.






Six quick hard smacks in a row had my little ass on fire already.




He continued to paddle my ass and I was thinking about everything that had happened with my last boyfriend. Tittyfuck cumshot compilation.

And then I let it all out.

I cried and cried and cried.

This stranger kept paddling me while I shook and sobbed.

Then, something happened, and I started to feel better.

My ass was on fire, but I felt better inside.


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He lifted me off his lap and gave me such a passionate kiss. Webcam teen girls.

My tears were now replaced with soft moans.

He led me over to a small daybed and lay me down.

He rolled me over on my tummy and fastened each of my arms into straps attached to the headboard.

"I am going to fuck you now, lovely," he whispered in my ear.

I lifted my ass into the air and closed my eyes.

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