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“You can never get enough to satisfy your dirty hunger, can you?”

With that, Veronica tightened her grip on the lapel of Sophie’s blouse and in one sudden move pulled it apart, ripping the flimsy material and showering the changing room with a hail of buttons. Skype dirty sex chat now online. Sophie’s torso was now exposed, revealing her breasts, which were firm and swollen within the confines of her exquisite, white satin bra.

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A delicious mixture of lust and shock was on Sophie’s face. Camgirl skype paypal. Veronica slid her hand back up into Sophie’s hair and tugged the scrunchie a little further down. Her hair now looked disobedient and untamed, and her eyes seemed lost in wild longing.

“What a dirty little bitch you are, Sophie,” Veronica teased. “What are you?”

“I’m a dirty little bitch, Miss Hamilton,” Sophie replied, her voice now wanton and submissive.

Veronica took hold of Sophie firmly by the shoulders, pulled her away from the wall and then pushed her casually but firmly back onto the chair in the corner of the changing room.

Sophie collapsed into it.

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