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I have three houses to show and two more meetings this afternoon.

" "Its fine, I have some things I can do around here.

" "Actually, your sister called and she is on her way here and should be here by 6 or 7 tonight.

" "What? When did she call you?" I hadn't seen sis in five years or more. Bisexual girl coming out.

Mom told me that she was living in Dallas but beyond that, I didn't know much about what was going on in her life.

" "She called last night while you were out washing the car.

" By the time I finished washing the cars and organising the garage, last night it was pretty late and she had already went to sleep in preparation for today.

"I made a list of things we need from the store for her stay.

" "Stay?

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No registration usa free sexy chat girls. How long?" "A week" "Damn! ok.

" "If you could take care of this list, I will cook when I get home.

" "Deal.

" She gave me the list, a kiss, and she was out the front door.

Pulling into the driveway returning from the grocery store, I saw a VW Beatle in the second spot where my wife usually parks. Free sex instant messaging sites.

I pulled up and noticed a brunette sitting in the driver seat looking down as if she was texting on her phone.

I walked around my truck as the door to the Bug opened.

I was shocked to see that it was my sister.

"Krysten, your hair?!?" Krysten had always had long blonde hair growing up. Hotboys96 sex malayalam chat.

She cut it off above her shoulders and dyed it brown which made her eyes really pop.

"I needed a change.

" She was shaking because it was colder here than either one of us were use to as we met for our first hug of over five years.

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She was not only sporting a new ride and hairdoo but also had lost about 30 pounds. Sexy leg ass picture.

Krysten is about four inches shorter than I am and the last time I saw her she was a little chunky but in the right places.

"A change indeed, and you're not a fat-ass any more.

" She punched me as she hugged me.

"Dont start Dale, or I will make it my business to make this the worst week of your life.

" Her toungue-in-cheek response was a nice welcome compared to the last conversation (or argument) that we had. Free live sex cam show.

She was seeing this guy that I knew was running around on her and she completely took his side on the deal.

I decided to just drop the whole issue in an effort to make her stay as stress free as possible.

"Geez, your shaking" "Anywhere I can change into something warmer.

" "Did you bring something warmer?" "Yeah, kinda.

" "Ok, go through the garage, and wait in the kitchen, I have to unload the groceries and I will show you to your room.

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Then I'll come back and get your bags.

" "Ok, I really gotta pee" "Right inside to the left" For the rest of the hour, I showed her around the house and we caught up on things mainly talking about her new relationships.

I was alarmed to find out that she was not seeing anyone and that her grades were really strong in school. Webcam dirty shitty anal angelofsky.

She seemed to be completely different to me.

As a school girl two years my junior, she always did the partying for both of us and always got into trouble.

I was the typical responsible sibling in our house.

Now she was focusing on her school work and has aspirations of becoming a nurse.

"Well, I see you two are getting along well.

" My wife walks in - all smiles and walks around the bar to the bar stool to give Krysten a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

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