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You need to get his attention, Zak, Seth whispered to him.

Good idea, Remi seconded.

Get in good with the old man.

Chicks like that.

Zak grimaced, remembering how much his first girlfriend’s father had despised him… for getting his daughter pregnant and being a freak. Free viedeo sex chat site with indian girls.

Not much had changed this time either.

Zak scratched the back of his neck.

Aw, damn it all.

And how the hell am I going to do that? We should offer to be her personal guards, Remi said conspiratorially.

Zak rolled his eyes.

Her guards? As her personal guards it would be a gross breach of trust for me to try to court her. Women pussy webcam.

The king would castrate us.

Not if she falls for you, Zak.

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Seth said.


The bravest and fiercest of the warriors can ask for her hand, remember? Don’t you want her back? Was I right, after all and the spell has worn off? Zak snarled.

She didn’t put me under a spell. Porno sex orgy gallery.

Seth’s eyes narrowed, making Zak angrier.

She’s the sweetest, most genuine female I’ve ever had, damn it.

How could I resist not falling in love? He looked back to where the king held her on his lap, offering her food.

Zak had to forcibly hold himself back from going to her. Webcam blowjobs.

She’s mine, he hissed.

Remi gripped his arm.

Easy, Goliath.

Remember that’s her father.

Zak pulled his arm from Remi’s grasp and sulked.


I know.

Doesn’t make it any easier.

I want to hold her… feed her… care for her and my babies.

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He felt the color drain from his face. How can i get sex videos with out anypayment fee.


What if the king decides to terminate the pregnancy? Seth stepped in front of him, trying to block his view to the royal table.

Zak looked down into his eyes.

That’s not going to happen.

These people don’t do abortions.

Take it easy and get your head on straight. Foto super super sexj nude.

We agreed that Anniel and Rowie would work to get her close to you, or we’d try to get access to her.

You need to get into the king’s good graces to court her.

The rest will be up to Luna and you.

Can you keep focused on that? Yeah, man, Remi muttered next to them. Sex samantha mack.

What kind of half-assed Dom are you? Zak winced and scowled down at Remi’s angry glare.

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The red weredragon was right.

He needed to get himself under better control… keep a level head.

That’s what a Dom does.

The music began again and everyone resumed sitting at the long tables around the dining hall. Did he fuck you.

Servants carrying large platters of food began filing out from the kitchen doors to either side of the hall.

Zak remained standing, drawing the curious stares of a few of those congregated.

Seth and Remi also stayed standing with him, looking at him askance. Desi spy cam sex videos.

Zak began to make his way to the royal table, ignoring Seth and Remi’s insistence that he sit.

Those seated around the royal table gaped at him.

Nervous murmuring went around the table as he drew closer.

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Zak, what the fuck are you doing? Seth hissed frantically at his side. Casual sex chat rooms.

Remi only followed, watching him with wide eyes.

One of the warriors sitting at the royal's table, Brock, sneered and wrapped his palm around the hilt of his sword.

Brock was about as big and brawny as Zak, and he’d challenged Zak to spar on numerous occasions. Sex of tamanna bhatia.

Each time Zak had made him eat dirt.

The man hated Zak with a passion.

The feeling was mutual.

Brock made to stand, but their commander, Braze, gripped his arm and ordered him to stand down.

Commander Braze eyed Zak with narrow eyes.

He was a hard, harsh man, but Zak knew he was honorable. Anyarayne webcam video.

The servant that escorted Alluna earlier intercepted Zak when he reached the end of the table.

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The little man visibly shook as he wringed his thin fingers.

No one can approach the king without being announced first, warrior.

Zak scowled at the man making him whimper pathetically. Sex on wikipedia.

Then announce me, he snarled through gritted teeth.

Sweat beaded the little man’s brow.

And your name is? Zachariel of Angelos.

The servant turned, clicked his heels, and announced in his high-pitched whiney voice, If it pleases his Highness, the warrior, Zachariel of Angelos would like an audience with his Highness. Live sex chat with out login.

Zak raised his eyes to the head of the table.

The king regarded him with narrowed eyes, his grip perceptively tightening on Alluna.

She, on the other hand gaped at Zak.

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God, did she recognize him? No.

Zak’s bravado began to slip.

She looked at him with terror-filled eyes. Webcam model porn.

Damn black wings.

You are a holy warrior, death angel, is that right? the king’s thunder-deep voice asked.

The king sneered, his golden eyes flashing as he gritted out, A fallen reaper.


Zak winced, but bowed his head and answered.

Yes, Your Highness. Sex chat between girl boy.

He heard the king grunt.

After a moment of silence, his booming voice asked What do you wish, Zachariel of Angelos? Zak looked up at him and unsheathed his sword.

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