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When we finished he rolled onto his back and told me he needed a bath.

I started on his massive feet and worked my way up his body, leaving his arse and foreskin for last. Lisa ann sexy milf.

After twenty minutes I got my final two treats.

His foreskin and arse were awesome and I was really getting into my pungent daddies fragrances.

I licked like a puppy enjoying a plate of gravy.

On Saturday Isaac took the guys, excluding Timmy and myself, to town for a steak and some beers. Passed out at party gets fucked ass.


Timmy and I had a great time on our own.

We flip-flopped and sixty-nined for two wonderful hours, while fucking our arses off.

That evening at dinner Seth seemed a little agitated.

He told Isaac that he did not want to share me with the other guys anymore, and wanted me exclusively to himself. Freesexchat australia.

Isaac looked at me inquiringly.

Being put on the spot, I replied that I had no problem with Seth’s request, to his total delight.

When Seth went to the toilet a while later, Isaac smiled at me, before winking and saying that we would work things out.

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Much as I loved Seth, monogamy was not an option that I wanted to embrace, just yet.

Grandpa was, however, very wary of Seth’s temperament and given Seth’s strength, did not want to provoke him and place the other men at risk. Girls tex sex chat.

Seth could do a great deal of harm if crossed and there wasn’t a man on the farm, who even measured up to half of his strength.

The next morning all the guys were told that I would only be working with Seth in future. Real mother taboo hidden cam sex.

I am sure that Isaac spoke to all the men privately, regarding this matter.

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