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Mila kunis sex.

I needed more.

More penetration.

Isn’t that why I had these new toys? I needed this cock inside of me.

I began pushing the cock as deep into my mouth as I could. Lokal sexsi xxx.

I wanted to be able to take it all, so I would know I could then suck in all of Dave’s length.

I pushed the cock further in, remembering what Dave had told me.

Swallow, he’d say.

I began swallowing as I pushed the cock deeper, taking more with each swallow. Porno riley reid black.

And, all the time, my pussy was going wild with desire.


I had a desperate need to be filled.

With the wand still running over my nipples, they were as hard as little rocks.

Deeply thrusting fingers into my pussy, I would occasionally switch to squeeze and tease my clit. Big natural breast webcam.

It was all driving me crazy.

I brushed the wand down my tummy and over my mound.

As it circled my mound, I raised hips and my fingers thrashed harder and deeper.

I silently begged to be filled with this new toy cock.

My fingers pushed deeper, the wand went lower.

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I spread my pussy lips with my fingers and I could feel cool air blowing over my exposed clit.

Instinctively, I put the wand to my clit .

My hips bucked, and I screamed as I convulsed during one of the biggest climaxes I’d ever had, but it still didn't satisfy the fire in my pussy; it needed more than fingers to satisfy me. Live webcam girls uk.

I stopped sucking the dildo and looked at it: the length and girth, the bulging veins, all coated in my saliva.

I ran my tongue over my lipsWhat the hell, I'm already in trouble. Lera85 collgirl sexx chet online.

I thought no more.

Without delay, I rammed the cock inside and began fucking, up and down, in and out, harder and deeper.

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