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” The Queen responded.

“As you wish.

” The Queen moved aside to allow passage; the flawless creature shifted past her and with blinding speed ran towards the exit. Ostrovskayaaa the best sex chat.

The Queen Mother went a different way, hoping to cut off the rat before he reached the exit.

“Mistress Captain General!” The Soldier Spanker curtsies as she sees their red haired beautiful leader of all Spankers within The Maze approach their listening post. Stasik_ice online sex videok.

“Mistress Ca-“ The Soldier’s statement cut short by the Mistress Captain General’s raised up hand.

Silence fool!” Now standing in front of the two soldiers she reprimands “Fools, both of you!” Pointing down the corridor to where Carngie escaped, the Mistress Captain General bellowed, “Well, after him!” Both soldiers quickly curtsy and turn away from their Mistress Captain General towards the escapee’s route. 100 free sex chat masterbate.


As they both take their first step away, they feel an abrupt jerk around each of their necks and then stop, bewilderment and confusion on each of their faces. Gay webcam uk.

The Mistress Captain General tosses their Akkunie necklaces into the corner of the alcove.

They have been totally stripped of their past identity, all memory lost as to what they did and who they were. Briana banderos porno.

They are mere women now.

Sit down ladies and wait for me here, I will explain all when I return” The Captain General instructs.

She guides them over to their appointed waiting location and heads towards a route that will cut off Carngie’s exit from The Maze. Facebook free porno chat mobile.


Amazed at what she just witnessed, Tumi stares in horror, hiding in the same location her Mistress Captain General of Spankers lay hidden moments before.

‘What has just happened? Removal of one’s Akkunie is forbidden, only the Queen Mother herself can do that, and that harsh discipline has never been carried out before. Cam on sex.

This is serious.

’ Tumi decides to follow her Captain General and see what’s what.

Carngie raced down the corridor, abandoning stealth and replacing it with speed. Nickasya porno.

Up ahead was a ‘T’ section, he would head north.

Around the bend heading north he skidded to a stop.

Need to fuck willowbrook 21012.