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Yes, Connie.

Make me come! Pam squeals, as her body shudders.

I am covered in a glistening sheet of perspiration as my two lovers bring me closer to the most intense orgasm ever.

My tongue touches Pam’s G-spot as her fingers thrust deeper in my honey pot. People wanting sex in huntington west virginia.

Mmm, I’m cumming! Screams Pam and I drink as much of her love juice as I can.

My mouth and chin are covered in the delicious liquid.

Pam and Bruce have me grunting and groaning like a wild animal, I-I’m cumming! I come on Pam’s fingers as Bruce is moaning, Aarrgghh! Bianca beauchamp porno. As his cock throbs in my ass.

Bruce says

With one last thrust, I feel Bruce’s warm seed splash against the walls of my rectum moan out as Pam rubs my clit.

Aahh, aahh, aahh! I moan out, as Bruce thrusts his cock back and forth in my ass while Pam rubs my clit.

Bruce withdraws his cock slowly from my ass as Pam slides out from under me. Callmebadgirl sex chat.

I drop to my knees, my two lovers sandwich me between them.

Pam kisses me as Bruce gently rubs my butt and I reach back, holding Bruce’s cock in my hand.

Bruce flicks his tongue on my earlobe and takes it between his lips.

Pam presses herself against me, I feel her hardened nipples pushing into my skin.

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Mmm, the two of you are amazing, I say as Bruce moves away from me.

Pam and I watch as Bruce moves off the bed and goes to the large drop-in tub.

Turning on the taps he adds Japanese Cherry Blossom bubble bath to the water.

Walking back to the bed, Bruce reaches out and we both take one of his hands. Sexy non nude coed.

Helping us off the bed, the three of us walk to the tub.

In you go, ladies, Bruce says, still holding our hands as we step into the tub.

Bruce turns off the taps as Pam and I lower ourselves into the warm water.

We watch Bruce go to the shower as the warm water soothes our bodies.

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He turns on the taps, stepping under the spray and lathering up his torso as he watches us.

Pam and I lather up one another’s chest and tits, paying attention to our perky nipples.

Watching us, Bruce rolls his nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Nantwich casual sex.

I kiss Pam passionately, letting Bruce see me suck Pam’s tongue as our hands dip below the suds.

Oh yes girls, bring each other off, Bruce says as he takes a soapy hand and strokes his flaccid cock back to life.

Mmm, mmm.

Pam and I moan as our fingers slip into each other’s pussy. Hotdesires incest on webcam.


We watch Bruce stroking his cock as we finger fuck each other.

It does not take long, Pam comes on my fingers and then I come on hers.

Bruce ejaculates for thick ropes of cum, some hits his stomach and some land on the shower floor.

His hand is covered in some too, and he looks at us, smiles as he raises the hand to his lips. Trinidad sex tv cam on cam.

Pam and I bring our fingers to our lips, Bruce licks the cream from his fingers as Pam and I watch while licking the love juice from our fingers.

Mmm Connie, you taste delicious.

Oooh Pam, you taste delicious.

Okay girls, let’s finish cleaning up, Bruce says, and then blows us a kiss.

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As the three of us dry off, Pam says, Let’s spend the day at the beach.

Bruce and I are in agreement and as I put on my blue thong, pleated mid-thigh skirt with my white spaghetti strap tank top, white anklet socks and white athletic shoes.

Connie, go home and put on your bikini and a pair of shorts. Webcam solo orgasm.

Hurry back," Pam says as she gets dressed.

I run next door to my house, bolt up the stairs and strip out of my clothes.

I slip on my yellow thong bikini and a pair of khaki shorts with my white athletic shoes.

I put on a yellow T-shirt, faster than you can say, beach ball.

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In no time, I am back at Pam’s and where they are waiting by their car.

Okay girls, hop on in, Bruce says as he opens the side doors for Pam and me.

Arriving at the beach, the three of us find a spot and Bruce spreads out the blanket as Pam and I remove our shirts and shorts. Russian mom webcam.

Once the blanket is laid out, Pam and I sit down and take off our shoes as Bruce removes his shirt, shorts, and shoes.

Bruce, would you be a darling and put some lotion on our backs? Sure thing, honey, want me to do the front too? No, I think Connie and I can handle that. Newzealand random sex cams.


Bruce takes his time applying the lotion, gently massaging our backs simultaneously.

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