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Alice had always been tight, even after our second child was born but since our life of infidelity had begun, she had become noticeably looser.

As I thrust into her, my head filled with images of her other lovers doing what I was doing then.

How had her vagina felt to their much larger erections? Mallinia porno. Had their longer, thicker cocks stretched her permanently? They were foolish thoughts, brought on by alcohol and lust but I couldn’t help myself and my lust grew stronger.

Grabbing her by the hips I began to thrust harder and faster; to my delight, Alice moaned a little louder and I felt her clamp down hard on my shaft as it passed through her inner lips over and over again. Alenkasexy17 live one on one webcam sex.


That little technique was something she hadn’t used before our descent into cuckoldry.

Had one of her lovers taught her? Wherever the skill had been learned, it certainly worked for both of us because suddenly she felt tight again; tighter than I could remember. Sex with asian women port wentworth.

A warm familiar glow began to build in my inner thighs.

Hold back! Hold back! I told myself firmly The increased pressure of her vagina on the condom’s rough surface was clearly having an effect on Alice too; her hands grasped the table’s edges tightly as I sawed back and forth in and out of her, my fingers digging into the lean flesh of her hips. Miss252525 sunny leone while chating he will talk sex vedio.


I watched my shaft plunging into the wet hole between those athletic, bony cheeks and below that tiny, dark tightly closed hole.

That other, tighter hole.

As if guided by another hand, perhaps hoping to bring her something of the pleasure her lovers provided, I withdrew myself slowly from her rather pink and swollen vagina and, with one hand holding the condom in place, rubbed the head of my cock across her rectum. Sexy people photos.

Her sphincter was tight and she winced as I pressed my head against it.

Careful Cucky-Boy!she hissed but to my delight did not try and stop me.

I wiped my fingers across her wet vagina and massaged the juices into her puckered anus, then slipped the end of one finger through it and into her rectum.

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It passed through with minimum resistance.

Mmmmm,she moaned.

I twisted the finger from left to right and back.

The lubrication wasn’t anywhere near enough and she winced again.

Maybe not tonight?I asked quietly, my finger still buried in her bottom.

I appreciate the thought,she replied in a slurred voice. Sex exabitionist cams.

But it’s too dry and I’m too drunk.

She grinned over her shoulder.

Better just finish off in my cunt instead Cucky-Boy!Bareback?I asked eagerly, hoping for a treat.

It’s SOOO much better with the condom,Alice protested in her mock-stern voice.

How about if I pull it off at the last minute?I pleaded, still playing the game. Sexy girls in blue jeans.

Well… okay I suppose!

But hurry up and cum; I’m tired!Before there could be any change of mind, I slipped my cock back into my wife’s vagina and began to thrust in and out in long, steady strokes.

At first she was loose, then I felt her walls tightening hard on me again. Petite women having sex.

Mmmm that’s good,I hissed as I pumped myself faster.

Don’t stop! Don’t even speak!she growled back.

I want you to make me cum tonight!And I wanted to make her cum too.

Old women sexy free chat.