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Let it go, Tony.

It will be fine, she reassured me.

oOo The evening was a typical warm California night, and the gardens were beautifully lighted with colored flood-lights.

There was a three-tiered fountain in the center of a pond filled with Lily pads.

Susan took my hand and we walked down the garden path, passing under a rose trellis arch. Fuck buddies in genova.

She stumbled a couple times when her heels caught in the irregular flagstone walkway.

Why don't we sit while we finish our drinks? I suggested.

She sat on the slatted bench and replied, Great idea.

Let's sit before I break my damn neck.

I'm not used to these heels. Girls dancing on webcam.

She put her drink down and took off her shoes, placing her feet in my lap.

Would you rub my feet? Paula says you have amazing hands.


Oh, Paula talks about my hands, does she? What else does she tell you? I dug my thumbs into the ball of her foot and ran them down the arch. Free adult webcam indiana.

I squeezed her toes as she moaned in pleasure.

Pretty much everything, Susan answered.

We've been best friends for twenty-two years, Tony.

Girls talk.

Oh my God, that feels so good! She's right.

Your hands are magic.

I separated her toes as best I could through her nylons and squeezed them. Tits in webcam.

She continued to purr her approval of the foot massage.

When you say you discuss everything, exactly what does that entail? Intimate stuff? Mostly the intimate stuff, silly.

The other things are not worth talking about.

Scott and I never talk about private things like that, I said. Puffy nipple webcam.


Of course not, you’re guys.

Guys talk sports and politics.

Girls talk relationships.

She laughed.

Well, thanks for the education—I think.

You know I love you and Paula, don't you? Of course.

And I love you, too—and Scott.

Tell me honestly, Tony.

Do you think I'm pretty? Hilary81 www freesexvideo com. It wasn't like Susan to fish for compliments.

Susie, you are my best friend’s wife.

I won't go there.

Forget all that.

Speak as a man, not as a friend.

Do you think I'm sexy? Speaking as a man, I think you're pretty and sexy too.

That must mean you're pretty sexy. Online tamilsex girls video com.

I laughed at the cleverness of my statement.

What if I wanted you to kiss me again like you did at dinner? You mean like you kissed me? As much as I would love to… I can't.


You know that.

Because we’re friends? Yeah.

That’s part of it.

After all these years, don't you ever think about me? Jennifer sexy photo. Of course I think about you.

You're a beautiful woman.

But I know nothing can ever come of it.

I think we should discuss something else.

I sense that you want to caress more than my feet.

We can't go there.

I was taken back by her bold statement.

The more we talked, the more attractive she became. Makemescreamm free sex came.

There was an epic battle going on within me.

I couldn't put my marriage and friendship in jeopardy.

I was paralyzed— unable to move because I knew if I let myself, I'd regret it.

For God’s sake, I'm a man not a saint.

Okay, Tony.

Susan sighed.

I accept why we shouldn't, and I apologize for making you uncomfortable.

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I was just curious about how you felt about me.

It's complicated.

I love Paula, I replied, trying to gain control over myself.

Thanks for your honesty.

Let's go back inside.

Susan stood with her shoes in hand and hugged me.

She caught me off guard when she raised herself on her toes and tilted her chin up. Sex aleksisstar xxx.

I could feel her hot breath on mine.

My will power fell away like autumn leaves.

Her scent was intoxicating and my mind spun.

A switch was flipped in an Instant as our lips met spontaneously.

My pent-up desires gushed forth while my hands found a life of their own and roamed freely over her succulent body. Livesexcoms in.

Our passion seemed out of control.

oOo We sat in the booth, waiting for Paula and Scott to return from the dance floor.


I tried to maintain a minimum respectable distance but Susan scooted closer.

Paula and Scott were both laughing as they walked back to our booth. Chaturbate webcam.

When they sat down, Scott put his arm around my wife and gave her a squeeze.

She casually gave him a quick peck on the lips and said, Thank you, Scotty for some great dancing.

I had fun.

A knot formed in my stomach while watching the casual intimacy between them. Watch sex and the city seasons online free.

Paula sensed my discomfort and asked me, Come on, my handsome husband! It's your turn to dance.

I took her hand and we danced a rumba to a Latin tune.

Much to my luck, a slow song gave us an opportunity to talk.

Paula, I know you love dancing, but could you tone it down a notch or two? Korean school girl webcam.

Why? She frowned.

I'm not doing anything different than anyone else.

Please control your jealousy, Tony.

It really doesn’t suit you.

Here we go again… You know I love dancing, she added.

And we hardly ever do it anymore.

When we were first married, we went to clubs almost every week. Rayssa69 live sex chat usa aunty live cam.

But after Bradly was born, I became nothing more than a maid and a soccer mom.

You're aware I love to flirt after a few drinks.

It's harmless.

You’re right.

I'll try to take you dancing more often.

It used to be fun and I don't know why we ever stopped.

I guess our lives just got too busy. Babycouple18 greek webcam live xxx.

By the way, you look ravishing tonight.

Let’s go sit with our friends.

I didn’t want to argue with her, so I put on a smile and tried to prioritize my wife’s happiness in the moment.


After Paula and I finished dancing we all talked, and they drank some more but I abstained knowing I had to eventually drive home. Ivanasugar free live video call sex.

After some time the crowd started to thin and I suggested we go back to our place for a nightcap.

Scott said he wanted to stay and dance some more, and Paula wholeheartedly agreed with him.

Then Paula said to go ahead and take Susan home, they would join us later. Deliciousalba wep cam porno.

After my make-out session in the garden with Susan, I wasn't sure how I felt about being alone with her.

However, Paula and Scott insisted we go.

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