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He removed his thumb and pushed his thumb into Jennifer cunt and put three fingers in her ass.

Jennifer could feel his fingers and thumb just a mere thin membrane apart. Hot_stone_xxx sex wapcam.

Then Ryan switched his love rod to Jennifer's ass.

He rammed deep in Jennifer's ass and came.

Jennifer came, too.

When he pulled out, Jennifer's ass was gaping wide open.

Cum streamed out, ran down her cunt, and dripped onto the bed.

Jennifer could feel her ass open. Cumxfaggots online video call sexi girls.

It felt good.

Afterward, Jennifer and Julie smoked another joint.

Jennifer inhaled and sat back on the couch in a cloudy, dreamy state.

She glanced to see Julie smoking, too.

Jennifer lost track of time.

She thought it was only a moment.

Fucking open window.

Then a strange black man pulled her to her feet.

"Come on, bitch! Wake your whore ass up! I've got some cocks for you to suck!" the stranger said.

He led Jennifer out of the door and down the hallway to a bathroom.

He bent her over the toilet and inserted a tube in her ass. Badhotbruun situs cating sex indonesia.

She felt a warm water flow in her ass.

Soon, it felt tight.

"Go shit!" he said.

Jennifer did as she was told.

He repeated the procedure two more times.

Jennifer was completely submissive now.

He led her into a shower.

He turned on the water. Www sexchet com.

He soaped her down.

He spun her around to rinse off.

She felt him push her to her knees.

Then a hot stream of hot yellow liquid hit her in the face.

"Open your mouth, ho!" the voice barked.


She opened her mouth and a warm yellow liquid filled her mouth.

"Swallow it!" he said. Porno v?d?o.

Jennifer swallowed as the stream continued to hit her face.

She opened her mouth and took in some more.

The water ran over her face until she began to completely come to.

She obediently was led out of the shower and dried off. Best nude webcams.

He gave Jennifer a hit of molly.

It was a first time for her.

She felt the warm sensual feeling sweep over her body.

She wanted to fuck! Then she was led back down the hallway.

There three black men standing in the hall.

They grinned at her as she walked by completely nude.

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Five move black men had entered the room.

Julie was on her knees sucking three cocks in a round robin.

Someone pushed Jennifer to her knees.

A cock touched her lips.

Instinctively, she her right hand around it and started sucking. Sexsi gril.

She worked the cock over with her tongue and lips trying to give it the most stimulation as possible.

It must have been thirty minutes of sucking.

A large load of cum flooded into her mouth.

She swallowed.

More cum sprayed over her face.

She used her finger to scoop it into her mouth. Teen bedroom webcam.

They put her in the doggy position.

One man got pushed his cock into her cunt and started humping her.

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