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Room same sex swinging.

I'm sorry.

Do you want me to pull them up? Or-- I mean are you still bleeding?" "It's all right, darling," Becca laughed softly.

"You asked permission, remember?" Karrina felt like she was blushing even though it was impossible.

But she was almost certain it was happening. Webcam chat no registration.

There was no way to feel this level of humiliation without turning red.

"There must be something special about you," Becca continued, teasing now.

"I've never dropped my pants for a client.

" "Fuck off," Karrina groaned, refusing to uncover her face.

Becca scooted closer.

"Do you remember what you said before that?" "No.

" Maybe she did.

"You said you wanted to feel me," Becca breathed.

"What did you mean?" "I don't know. Sex cat ruletka ab 60 jare.

I just wanted to feel you.


Everything about you.

surrounding me and holding the rest of the world at bay.

" "And feeding from my thigh accomplished that?" "Mildly.

" "And what would moderately or extremely accomplish it?" Karrina slowly took her hands away from her face and gazed wistfully into Becca's eyes.

"You know what would, Becca.

" And then Becca said "do it" at the same time Karrina said "I should go now". Yasolnyshko free tamil live sex chat.

The vampire blinked.

"What?" She swore she could feel her heart pound.

"Do it," Becca repeated.

"I'm tired of pretending it's not what I want.

Bury three fingers in my cunt while you suck my throat," she essentially begged, trying to get her pants all the way off. Dolce and gabbana sexy chocolate.

Karrina was staggered, and part of her thought she should refuse, should leave and give Becca time to think about whether it was something she really wanted or if it was just a heat of the moment decision.


The stronger part of her knew that they'd been dancing around this for months. Arab tit fuck cum shot.

So she grabbed the waistband of Becca's underwear, dragging them down around her knees.

"Are you wet?" she growled.

Becca blushed at the frank question but nodded.


" Somewhere amidst the haze of arousal, Karrina managed to smirk.

"I'm not talking dirty, I just need to know so I don't hurt you," she purred, lowering her mouth to Becca's throat. Pakistani mobile sex online video.

She bit down just as her hand dropped between Becca's thighs and she pushed three fingers deep inside.

Becca cried out loudly, then quickly covered her mouth to keep quiet.

If a bouncer came in now she'd be thrown out alongside Karrina.

"Bloody hell, Karrina," she gasped through her splayed fingers.

"God, yes.

" Karrina wasn't gentle.

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She moved her fingers at a demanding pace, and she could feel she was stretching the fragile human, but Becca wasn't complaining.

and Karrina loved that.

She got off on that - knowing it probably hurt a little but not enough to be worth objecting to.

She would never want to damage Becca, but causing pain excited the more primal part of her.

"You're really fucking wet," she murmured when she could take a moment's break from drinking.

"And yes, now I'm talking dirty.

" "I don't think you realize how much I've wanted you," Becca gasped, throwing her head back with another loud moan as Karrina sped up her fingers. Looking for sex delton michigan.

Her hips rocked, though she was confined by her jeans around her knees and Karrina's body half on top of her.

"Of course I'm fucking wet.


You're practically a walking wet dream, darling.

" Karrina gave a particularly forceful thrust and reveled in Becca's whimper.

"I wonder if your blood will change taste when you come," she hissed. Hot moms on webcam.

Karrina was hurting her, but in that delicious way that blurred the lines between pleasure and pain.

Her entire body throbbed with the need she felt to come apart.

"You think you can make me come?" she challenged, breathless.

"You sound like you don't want to find out," Karrina said darkly, slowing the pace of her fingers.

"Oh dear God, Karrina, please don't stop.

" Karrina smiled, but it wasn't a happy smile.


" "I'm sorry," Becca said desperately.

"No, I don't think so," Karrina said thoughtfully. Sexy ex girlfriends and wives.


When she felt the vampire start to withdraw her fingers, Becca let out a wordless whine and then apologized again.

"I am, I'm sorry, it was a stupid thing to say and I never should've said it.

Please, Karrina, please," she begged.

Karrina chewed her bottom lip, debating.

"Oh for God's fucking sake, please!" Becca raged, tears forming in the corners of her eyes. Yourlover33 free cam sex without registration.

Karrina clamped a hand over Becca's mouth as she relented and started pushing again.

"Do you want someone to come in and throw me out?" Becca shook her head and placed a kiss to Karrina's palm, trying to settle back in to the rhythm she had almost lost.

"Will you be quiet?" Becca nodded. Sexcamfor android.

Karrina took her hand away from the woman's mouth so she could return to the delicious blood flowing from her throat.


It only took a few more fierce thrusts to tear Becca apart.

She could feel when it was about to happen; the anticipation, the threshold being held and then crossed, and she could feel it when it happened, the human's muscles coiling and burning and shaking, then going completely slack. Sexy female.

She left her fingers inside while she finished drinking, and slowly withdrew them only when she needed to reach over and grab a cloth for Becca's wound.

She pressed it gently to her skin, enjoying the view of the sultry little Brit sweaty and sated beneath her. Videos de actrices mexicanas asiendo sexo.

They stayed silent for awhile - until Becca's throat stopped bleeding, actually - and Karrina tossed the cloth into the trash and pulled the girl to her feet, helping her fix up her jeans and panties.


Becca stood and let Karrina fuss over dressing her, and when her clothes were in place she reached down to button and zip her jeans.

"Out of curiosity, why did you choose to question the prowess of a vampire during sex?" Karrina asked, suddenly wanting to know.

"I don't know! Looking for sex reggio calabria. I was caught up in the moment! It was whimsical! I thought it would be challengingly sexy! Christ, I want to fall into a black hole right now.

" Despite herself, Karrina laughed.

"Well I suppose I could have chosen to view it as challengingly sexy instead of downright rude," she said pointedly. Porno2love send nude chat.

Room same sex swinging.