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Samantha sex scene sex and the city.

Almost instantly Beth screamed as her orgasm crashed through her, her cunt squirting juices all over her vibrator and Reid’s hand as he pumped it in and out of her slippery gash.

With a strangled cry Beth felt Reid explode cum through her ass and she came again, yet another orgasm colliding with the first and she screamed in release, not caring how much noise she made. Kerela sex coling.

They rocked and bucked together for what felt like an eternity, till their combined fluids made them both wet and sticky and too slippery to stay inside her.

They collapsed on the bed, Beth’s hands still bound before her as she breathed heavily into the sheets pressed against her face. Desi porno.

She dimly heard Reid breathing harshly beside her but was too preoccupied with the state of her own mind and body.


While exhausted, her hands tingling, her body drenched in mixed cum and sweat, her breathing harsh like she had just run a marathon, she nevertheless felt sated, replete. No fork south carolina sex chatroulette.

She felt empty, like she had used herself up in the act of fucking and was now just a shell, waiting to be filled with consciousness.

It was only the fumbling of Reid’s hands untying her wrists and blindfold that made Beth realize that she had been dozing, her zen returning in full force and making her sleepy and docile. Mistress sex photo.

With a warm cloth she felt Reid wipe away the worst of their expulsions and she wanted to weep with gratitude, knowing she would not have had the strength to go the bathroom and clean herself up.


Almost like a ragdoll he picked her up, pulled back the sheets and deposited her between the blankets, curling himself up next to her and enfolding her in his embrace, a cocoon of love and strength enveloping her and lulling her into the deepest and most restful sleep she had ever known. Sex chat no signup.

The next morning they made slow, gentle love, Beth peppering Reid’s face with kisses and tears, as she thanked all the stars above for the man she had been given and for the journey they continued to share together Going back to the hotel where we’d first met had been Claire’s idea. Chat live sex.

After our first exciting encounter, I’d lost no time in contacting her on the phone number she’d left for me, and we’d soon swapped email addresses and initiated a series of sexually-charged exchanges.


I found myself increasingly thrilled and aroused by Claire’s accounts of her exhibitionist activities, and it wasn’t long before she suggested we should get together again. Live tv porn sex.

Fortunately, we managed to find a weekend when we were both free, and Claire offered to make all the arrangements.

I packed my overnight bag several days before I needed to, and every time I saw it in the corner of my bedroom a little anticipatory thrill tingled through my body. Hottest girl on webcam.

Walking naked down the hotel corridor had been such a thrill, and the frenzied sex with Claire on the emergency staircase had been a perfect climax to our encounter.

I wondered whether we’d do the same thing again, or if she had something else in mind.

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I couldn’t wait to find out.

The drive down was rather fraught, and I was a bit flustered when I arrived, later than I’d intended (I hate being late for anything), but Claire had texted me to tell me not to worry.

When I eventually arrived the receptionist told me that my companion was already there, and that I should go straight up to our room. Free webcam porn shows.

My heart gave a little lurch when I opened the door and saw Claire sitting at the table, her blonde hair curling over her bare shoulders.

As she heard me come in, she turned to me with a smile, every bit as gorgeous and sexually desirable as I’d remembered.

Samantha sex scene sex and the city.