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Bella accompanied her down the main staircase just outside the parlor and to the third floor where Marie's room was located.

Bella had stayed over in Marie's room on the occasions she had visited the Manor prior to becoming a regular visitor and knew that it was larger and had its own bathroom. Free hardcore sex cam.

While they had slept in the same bed before, they had never been intimate and Bella did not consider that anything of that nature would ever occur between them.

Marie grabbed two glasses off of the bureau and swung the door of the small fridge in the corner of the room open with her foot and indicated for Bella to retrieve the bottle of wine from the door.

"There's a corkscrew on the night stand sweetheart, be a good girl and open the bottle and pour us each a glass please.

" Bella did as she was told instinctively, not even thinking about the fact that Marie had intentions beyond a late night chat.

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After a couple glasses of the wine Marie was done making small talk, after asking about the day and Bella's feelings about the successful completion of her first red envelope, she was ready to get down to her real intentions, "Bella baby, she purred, please take off your uniform and come over here.

" Bella stood up and looked at Marie for a moment in stunned silence, she began to protest slightly which prompted Marie to stand up and move closer until she was just inches away, "ok then, I'll help you out of it.

" The words had barely escaped her lips when she reached out and the next thing Bella knew the thin camisole was laying on the floor and she was reaching for her own skirt, she freed its closure and let it fall to her feet.

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Marie's mouth was already hot on her neck and her arms had wrapped around Bella’s shoulders drawing her closer.

Moving her hand to entangle her fingers in the fine hair that had come loose from Bella's pinned up hairstyle at the back of her neck, Marie pulled Bella’s mouth to her own and kissed her deeply as their bodies melted together in the embrace. Emily milena sexual surrender.

Right at that moment, an urgent buzzing began to emanate from the phone on Marie's night stand.

"Damn it! You have to go," Marie hastily gathered up Bella's uniform and thrust it at her as she ushered her briskly into the hallway.

"Hey, I'll see you at work on Monday.

" She whispered urgently.

"Hurry up the main staircase before.

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just hurry!" A somewhat disoriented Bella stood for a moment stark naked in the hallway of the third floor holding onto her clothing unsure if she should put it back on until she heard footsteps coming up from the second floor and she made a dash to the landing and flew up to the fourth floor since Marie had just told her moments ago to hurry. Hollywood sex live.

When Bella reached the fourth-floor landing she realized that the footsteps had not stopped on the third floor.

They had followed her up the next flight of stairs and were on the way to the fourth-floor landing.

Ducking around the corner at the top of the stairs and quickly pulling on her camisole and skirt she was just buttoning the skirt when an unhappy looking male stepped into the hallway.

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Bella started down the hall toward her room trying to look like she was just walking from the parlor and had only stopped momentarily to fix her skirt, but the man was behind her and being taller caught up quickly.

Bella turned around and greeted him politely but then turned again to continue to her room. Free live sex videos.

Before she could complete the 180-degree revolution he had grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward him pinning her arm behind her back.

Grabbing a handful of her hair he inhaled deeply as he examined the scent, "Yep that's Marie's!" He spat out and then mumbled something about the damn bisexuals in this place. Linsy free chat gay sex cam no registration.


He released Bella's wrist and spun her around to face the wall and held her there with one arm across her shoulders, and reached under her skirt with the other hand until he had forced two fingers past the point of anything resembling appropriate and half growled into Bella's ear: "Well at least this one likes it rough.

" He was reaching for his zipper when a deep female voice barked: "Let her go, Marcus, she is not for you and this is not how we do things here.

" The man, Marcus, released Bella who remained motionless and unsure of what to do next. Nude milf webcam.

Maybe if she just held still long enough she could just teleport herself into her bed and this would have all been an unfortunate dream.


She heard Marcus's feet on the stairs heading back down to the third floor, and then heard a door slam - Marie's door most likely - and then silence spread across the hallway like a thick dark cloud.

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