Sex on the beach bath bomb.

Sex on the beach bath bomb.

I put my hand over my face and avoided their gaze in embarrassment.

Live a little? Honey, you are drunk and you want to go jump in a hot tub half naked with some strange men.

I was trying to sound reasonable as we boarded the elevator.

Pish, she snorted. Lewisville sluts to fuck.

They aren’t strange.

I’ve been hanging out with Peter and the boys all day.

They are hilarious! You can be such a stick in the mud sometimes, Sheldon.

Can’t you loosen up a little? I just scratched my head as we got back to the lobby.

Luckily no one was around to see my half-naked wife. Cam to cam fuck.

She wandered aimlessly out onto one of the patios but it seemed to be a dead end.

A couple of Hispanic bellhops were smoking a cigarette out there on their break.


Hey sexy lady! said one of the guys with a thick Mexican accent.

He and his pal were looking my wife up and down with carnal intent. Missbreeze free cam4 sexy.

Hi! said my wife with a little wave of her hand that made her boobs bounce even more.

Which way to the hot tub? You gonna get in the hot tub in THAT outfit? Just the t-shirt with no bra? asked the bellhop excitedly.

His friend guffawed and punched him in the ribs. Sexy slut chats.

How do you know that I’m not wearing a bikini top under this? asked my wife innocently as she touched her boobs.

They jiggling baby, they going all over the place, chuckled the horny bellboy.

He was a slimy looking character with pock marked cheeks.


My wife seemed too drunk to care that these creeps were checking her out.

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Well, anyway, which way to the hot tub? You gotta go back through the lobby and down that other hall, said the first bellhop.

Hey, man, let’s show her, said his pal.

Then he opened the door for my wife.

After you, lady.

Wow, thanks, you guys are nice! said my wife brightly and she padded back into the lobby. Ramosty www porno canli.

The two bellhops barged in front of me so they could check out my wife’s ass, just barely covered by her long t-shirt.

I hope you aren’t totally naked under that shirt, said the first bellhop to my wife, giving his pal a lecherous grin.

We got rules against that. Free play sexy games.

I’m not, I’m not, insisted my wife.

Look, I’ve got panties on.


And she lifted the back of her shirt up to show them.

The two perverted bellhops chortled with satisfaction as they got a nice view of my wife’s ass in her skimpy panties.

Oh, uh, actually the rule is you can’t wear no panties, you better take them off, said the other guy. Porno victoria june 2019.

But my wife wasn’t THAT drunk and she turned to wag a finger at them.

Now don’t be naughty you two, I know that can’t be right.

You just want to see my bum! I’m keeping my panties on though.

Oh, here’s the hot tub, and here are my friends.

HI Peter! My wife went running out onto the patio where Peter and his two cronies were waiting in the hot tub for her. Jb webcam girls.

They had more drinks of course, the lushes.


The two bellboys decided to hang out discretely a few yards away, probably hoping to catch a peek of my wife’s t-shirt once it got wet.

Ooh, looking GOOD Alexa, said Peter eyeing my wife’s body.

Get down in here, we got a couple more bottles of wine and the water is fine. Free porn teen anal webcam.

That rhymes, said my wife as she daintily lowered herself down into the bubbling water of the hot tub.

The hem of her shirt went ballooning out and she had to push it down under the water.

I watched with sick trepidation as her shirt got soaked halfway up to her chest, but she sat on a higher step of the hot tub and her breasts didn’t get submerged, so I sighed in relief. Furbafox webcam show.

But it still felt a little weird to be hanging out here watching my wife party with these obnoxious men who we barely knew.


Aww, come on! You didn’t get your whole top wet! complained Peter.

I thought you were going to show us your wet t-shirt.

My husband would probably freak out if I did that, she laughed. Kassandrasex sissy chat room.

I better have another drink first.

That’s true, once you are sauced up enough, you won’t care WHAT he says about it, agreed Peter, pouring her a huge glass of wine.

I squinted at him with hatred but I bit my tongue and stood by awkwardly.

The two bellhops produced more cigarettes and took up a position where they could clearly see my wife. Asiansex4u live sexy cam.

They were biding their time.

My wife downed her wine pretty quickly and let the glass fall right over, she was so drunk.

Oh wow, this water feels SOO GOOD, slurred my wife and she sank down another step, until she was neck-deep in the tub, her boobs totally submerged.

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Her shirt was probably totally transparent at that point and the two horny Mexicans perked up and were glancing over with interest but my wife kept herself modestly submerged for the moment.

Yeah, it’s nice, said Peter.

I’m glad you settled down and got your shirt nice and wet too. Live stream sex chat.

I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Why are you so excited to see my shirt wet Peter? My wife looked over at me coquettishly.

Oh, I think you know why, said Peter with a wolfish grin.

Show us your boobs! blurted one of his pals.

He was obviously even more hammered than my wife. Havre women sex ads.

Tony, stop it! laughed my wife.

She splashed him in the face playfully.

Now that’s just unseemly, I yelped.


Asking another man’s wife to show her, her breasts! I could feel my face getting hot and my stomach was roiling with anxiety and shame.

Sex on the beach bath bomb.