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Chelsea had always been such a sweetheart to me, then a docile, introverted, three-hundred-pound puffball.

She took me out of my comfort zone to go dancing, sing karaoke. Sexy vides.

I wasn’t always easy to convince.

A lot had changed in the year and a half since she moved away to work at a ritzy hotel in downtown Seattle.

We didn’t stay in touch except on social media.

I stayed on at the resort, working my way up from maintenance to management. Sexy pictures of kira kosarin.

Chelsea couldn’t help but break my heart when she left.


But in my wallowing, I decided I needed the true affection of a woman in her league.

I started out walking.

Then I started running.

Within several months, I was finishing five and ten-kilometer races. Freeteen webcam belaurus.

My free time went from video games to running and strength training.

Over the next year, I dropped 100 pounds, toned my body and became rather svelte and athletic.

I had just spent the last week in the Cascades climbing peaks before ending my vacation with a trip to Oktoberfest, feeling victorious and ready to turn one on, hoping to show Chelsea the new me.

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I’d decided to play the part, donning a red-checkered gingham button-up shirt.

I bought a pair of lederhosen, loose enough to be comfortable but tight enough to show off my impressive bulge. Sex chat for women.

A pair of suspenders and my hiking boots completed the look.

I couldn’t help but gawk at Chelsea for a few seconds with a look of amazement at finally seeing her in person again. 4funboyshtsex online sexy vedio chat no sign up.

She took notice of me out of the corner of her eye.

Then she turned that always perfectly manicured facelike a cross between Mandy Moore and Jessica Simpson, with deep blue eyes, cherry red lips and a golden artificial tan — toward me.

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