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It was Jason.

She ran over to her window and opened it.

"What the hell are you doing?" She said helping him into her room.

"I'm late for curfew.

" Jason said.

"You got to help me make it look like I've been home all this time.

Go in my room and get some of my pajamas.

" Mina quickly went into Jason's room and grabbed him a tank top and some pajama bottoms.

"Here," she said giving them to him. Cheap sexy swimwear.

She turned around to let him get dressed, though she secretly wanted to see his cock again.

"Thanks so much, sis.

I totally owe you one," Jason said giving her a peck on the cheek.

He then flopped on her bed.

"So, what are you doing up this late?" "J-j-just doing some studying," Mina said nervously.

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Why am I so nervous, Mina thought to herself.

"Sounds fun.

Yo, Mina.

When's the last time you went out on like a date?" Jason had his hands behind his head and was looking at Mina seductively.

"You know I don't date," Mina began to fidget and her panties moistened. Lesbian cam sex.

Damn, why does he turn me on so much, she thought.

"Wow, I mean with a rack like that I'm surprised guys aren't climbing through your window all the time.

" Mina could see Jason staring at her tits.

" Because I see you sometimes in your night clothes getting ready for bed, sis, and I can't help but look. Sexxyfriends teen xxx free chat online teens naked no cash or registration.


Seeing you in your shorts and t-shirt, knowing you don't have a bra on and seeing your nipples thru the material is so sexy.

" "Jason, I'm your sister.

You can't look at me like that.

It's gross.

" Mina was growing wetter knowing that her brother found her sexy.

" Yes, I know it is wrong, but it makes me so horny.

" Jason sat up on the bed and Mina saw his cock was semi-hard.

"I sometimes watch you while you're in the shower you know.

" Mina's eyes grew wide.

"Really?" "Please don't be mad," Jason walked over to Mina's desk.

"But, I've masturbated while sniffing your dirty panties.

" "Are you serious?" Mina was shocked. Naked mom gets butt fucked.

Jason reached out his hand and squeezed Mina's left nipple.


Mina moaned.

"Jason, don't this is wrong.

" "Oh, I know and I'm sorry, but you so fucking hot.

Please just let me suck on you nipples for a little while.

Please?" Mina wanted to say no, her nipples were rock hard and ached to be sucked.

"Ok," she moaned. Jasmin tv sex.

Jason pulled off Mina's shirt and went straight for her tits.

His cold hands on her warm body sent shivers up her spine.

Jason swirled his tongue around her nipples before taking them between his lips and sucking them at the same time.

Mina struggled to keep her moans under control out of fear that their parents would hear them.

"I want to lick your pussy now, sis. Sex chat montenegro.

Please tell me I can?" Jason begged.

"But, it's so wrong, Jason?

It's incest.

" Mina's pussy was hot and wet.

It'd never felt a tongue on its lips and wanted to so bad.

"Oh I know, but your pussy looks so good and plus, I won't tell anyone.

" Jason rubbed Mina's pussy through the cloth of her shorts.

"Mmm, I can feel how hot and wet you are. Free live sex web cam.

Come on, sis.

Let me taste you.

" Mina stood up and took off her shorts.

She was completely at Jason's will.

Jason smiled and lifted Mina onto the bed.

He then spread her legs and put them on his shoulders.

He leaned forward and slowly touched his tongue to her pussy, slowly licking her clit up and down. Porno bella mare.

Mina grabbed her pillow and bit down into it.

It felt like heaven having Jason's warm breath on her slit.

"May I kiss you, sis?

I have wanted to for so long," Jason moved from her pussy to Mina's face.

"Mmm, yes, kiss me.

Let me taste my juices on your tongue," Mina grabbed Jason's face and let her tongue explore his.

"Mm, I want you inside me. Xxx bisexual women movies.

It's so wrong, but I want you inside me so bad.

" "I want to be inside you to, sis.

" "Please.

Please, give it to me.

" Jason rubbed Mina's ass with one hand and pulled her against him with the other.

He grabbed grabs one tit and pulls it close enough so he could lower his head and suck her nipple. Topshow04 free lesbian sex text online.

He spread her legs and rubbed his cock head between her pussy lips.

Mina moaned at how close he was coming to fucking her.

"Please, fuck my virgin pussy, big brother!" Mina couldn't take the suspense anymore.


Jason was turned on even more.

He'd never had virgin pussy. Sheilahawk cougar webcam.

He slowly pushed his cock head into Mina.

"Goddamn," he moaned.

It was the tightest thing he'd ever felt.

Mina squirmed in pain.

"Just do it, Jason," she groaned.

With that Jason broke through and began to pound Mina's pussy.

Mina couldn't believe she was finally losing her virginity and to her brother! "Ohh, Mina, you're so tight. Tinaalizee free camfrog sex youtube.

I'm going to cum soon!" Jason felt his balls draw closer to unleashing.

"Oh, let me see you shoot that load all over me, bro!" Mina screamed.

"Here it comes.

Oh, shit!" Jason covered Mina's tits with his hot cum.

Unknown to the pair was their mother who was sitting in Jason's room waiting for her lover.

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She could hear the sounds of him unleashing his load and they came from his sister's room.

She cried silent tears while rubbing a visible bump covered by her shirt.

"At least he didn't cum inside her," she sighed, wrapping her robe around her and returning to the room she shared with her husband. Sexy anal sluts and butts porn.

This is a work of fiction as told by may alter-ego Laura and this is my story of how I seduced a guy.

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