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She momentarily held Sara’s hard nipples between her index and middle finger, rolling them slowly, and then her hands slipped away back to Sara’s back so fast that Sara wondered if she’d imagined it.

It was a brief movement but deliberate and Sara felt like her body had suddenly become more alive. Webcams cute xxx.

Ally seemed to go on as if nothing had happened; however there seemed to be something hanging in the air: potential.

Ally’s hands moved down, skimming over the towel that hid Sara’s bum from view.

Her hands started at her feet, working slowly up each leg. Free sex cams no hidden fees no cretet card needed.


Sara could barely concentrate; she was biting her lip, trying to keep herself from grinding on the bed, barely whispering answers to any of Ally’s questions.

As Ally’s hands moved towards Sara’s thighs, Sara became silent.

Ally wordlessly moved the towel further up Sara’s back as her hands somewhat tentatively caressed her behind. Sexy catwoman halloween.

Her hands squeezed her cheeks and Sara tried and failed to stop her hips from bucking.

Ally gently placed a hand on Sara’s back, forcing her back onto the table.

Right, I’ll leave the room and let you turn over onto your front.

Ally said quietly as her finger ever so lightly reached between Sara’s legs and traced the length of her pussy.

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With that, she left the room.

Sara’s breathing was heavy.

She had no idea what was going on but she was enjoying it.

Her hand wandered between her legs and her eyes widened at how wet she was.

She flipped onto her front, absently wondering if this was how all massages went and realised there was a problem: Ally had only given her one towel – one small towel. Local casual sex.

Sara ummed and arred, should she put her underwear on and cover her chest or vice versa? In her mind Sara concluded that she would just ask for another towel and cover her groin area.

She called for Ally to come in and propped herself up by her elbows on the table.

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Ally’s eyes met Sara’s then travelled to her bare chest.

Sara burned a bit under her gaze; what was she thinking? Urm, I need another towel, Sara said, snapping Ally out of her gaze.

Ally slowly closed the door and step towards the table.

I don’t mind if you don’t, Ally said slowly. Mila garcia porno.

Sara shrugged nonchalantly, in truth she didn’t mind at all.

She was aware of how hard her nipples were and just hoped Ally would assume it was because she was cold.

Sara closed her eyes and lay back, wondering if she’d been a bit too brazen.

She felt Ally slowly drip oil onto her chest, the liquid dripping down her body.

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Ally slowly traced the outline of each of Sara’s breasts, circling the tender skin.

Ally was positioned so that she stood at Sara’s head, her hands stretching onto her chest.

Sara glanced her eyes open to find Ally staring hungrily at her chest; she bit her lip as their eyes met. Free private sex chat rooms.

Ally inched her head closer as she began rolling Sara’s nipples between her fingers, and as Sara let out a moan Ally kissed her lips softly.

The sensation felt unusual as Ally was upside down to Sara but she replied with earnest.

Ally pulled back with a smile and began twisting Sara’s nipples slightly harder, teasing them with her thumbs.

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Sara let out another moan, grinding her hips into the table.

Ally moved around the table, slowly dragging her hand lightly down Sara’s stomach.

She stopped at the top of the towel, running her hand lightly across Sara’s skin.

Sara’s breathing slowed as she propped herself up to look at Ally. Sex chat room.

Ally was still staring hungrily at her body, making Sara blush.

She sat up further as they continued to look at each other.

Purposefully Ally pushed the towel to one side.

Whoops, Ally whispered with a smile.

She leant forward and kissed Sara lightly, pulling back as she simultaneously gently pressed her clit.

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Ally smiled as Sara let out an Oh in pleasure and began caressing her clit with her fingers.

Sara arched her back, relishing Ally’s touch.

Ally slowly slipped a finger into Sara’s wet pussy, gently sliding it in and out.

Sara let out a moan, begging Ally for more. Free sex cams no money.

Ally obliged, adding another but continuing the slow pace.

Sara was getting lost in the moment; she wanted more and could tell Ally wanted to tease her.

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