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Every few seconds he slapped her ass hard, the smack and her yelps echoing around the room.

It had been several minutes but Rex wasn’t finished yet.

He yanked her up and sat her spread eagle to the camera in his lap and stopped the scene just long enough for Tony to hand him some lube to grease up his cock and Tammy’s tight little asshole. Dakotawilson urdo sexxe vedio.

Tony began the video just in time to catch Tammy slowly sliding her tight puckerhole down onto Rex’s long thick member. Masturbating is more fun with a sex toy.

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She grimaced and gasped for air as that monster pushed into her asshole.

As she began to bounce up and down on his cock faster, her soaked swollen pussy lips pushed out and in.

She groaned, moaned and panted as Rex thrusted upward into her. Always looking for sex.

The action had Tammy’s tits bouncing up and down wildly.

It wasn’t long until Rex felt his orgasm building.

He quickly picked her up off of his lap.

“On your knees in front of me!” Tammy must’ve seen enough porn to know the drill.

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She dropped down in front of Rex and he shot his thick load of hot white cum all over her face.

“Leave that cum on your face and sit next to me,” Rex ordered.

Then he reached down to his robe on the floor and pulled ten crisp hundred dollar bills out of the pocket and handed them to Tammy as she sat next to him. Interracial hardcore sex gifs.

Tony pulled the camera in closer.

How much is that Annie?” Rex asked as he grinned proudly.

Tammy beamed.

“It’s a thousand dollars, Mr.


” “Did you have fun doing this?” “Oh yes, Mr. Sexy gril pron pic.

Reno, and that’s by far the biggest cock I’ve ever had in me.

” “What would your Mom and Dad say if they saw this?” “Oh, they wouldn’t be happy at all.

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