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“Wait a minute” she said to the younger girl.

The girl stopped turning around with insolence written all over her pretty face.

She stood hands on hips staring up at Nurse Bobbi. Jessiemegan s bio and free webcam.

Bobbi could all but hear the gum popping as the young girl looked at her, no trace of respect anywhere in her attitude.

You were done in Mr.

Miller’s room very quickly.

Did you change his sheets? Get his vitals? Give him a bath?” Gabby looked up at the nurse in charge, her large breasts pressed tightly against the ridiculous scrub dress she wore.

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She couldn’t imagine why anyone would choose to wear such old fashioned clothes.

‘It might have been okay twenty years ago, but really who wore that kind of outfit today?’ she thought. Feehka sex.

Besides, it just hugged the nurse’s large round ass.

Gabby ran her hands down the sides of her pants as she thought how glad she was to have been born slim instead of curvy.

Like others her age, she judged others through the self assured supposed superiority of her young looks.

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Youth never realizes that maturity has its own perks, experience and quiet confidence.

“I changed the sheets, got his vitals and gave him the package of wipes,” she retorted. Tree pics hot sexy legs.

“He can wash himself.

I am headed to my break.

” Nurse Bobbi gapped at the CNA.

She could not believe how insolent the young girl was.

‘That’s the problem with all these college girls,’ she thought, “no respect.

” Certainly the girl knew she had looks and flaunted it. Bongacams jennytheonex porno.

She just assumed that because she was Barbie doll pretty the world owed her something.

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