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Going home would only make her feel more alone and depressed than she already felt.

She'd collected a blanket and walked down the stone steps leading toward the beach. Horny busty brunette milf rubs pussy ombfun. amateur sex video.

Kicking off her shoes, she walked out into the sand and stretched the blanket out.

The noise of the party high above was hushed by the light breeze and sound of the waves washing onto the beach.

She looked up at the canopy of stars above her and sighed.

"Hi" Susan looked up at Cassie standing there. Evilangel adriana ass fucked by big dick big tits hot porn.

The strawberry blond was holding a magnum of champagne in one hand; two glasses in the other.

The ends of her long, very long strawberry blond hair stirred in the breeze, as she made a drunken grin.

"Want some company?" her words slightly slurred.

"Yeah sure," Susan said motioning for her to sit.

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Cassie filled Susan's glass then hers and sat the bottle in the sand.

Her narrow oval eyeglasses were crooked on her face.

She adjusted them then retrieved a silver-compact from the pocket of her dress. Where to go in essex.

Opening it, she pulled out a joint.

"I hate these fucking parties," words slightly muffled as she placed the joint between her lips and struck a match.

Susan imagined Cassie's statement was due to the frustration of coming to the party, and expecting to spend the night with Howard.

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Instead, she found him escorting a young redhead around by the arm.

Cassie took a long pull on the joint then swallowed the smoke down with a sip of the champagne.

"You know, I'm just as good looking as that redheaded slut that Howard's with tonight "---and here she pulled the hem of the dress up over her legs---"and hell, I've even got better looking legs.

" She passed the joint to Susan. Sweetkisa13 free mobile cam sex oline chat no payment.

Susan took a toke and handed the joint back to Cassie looking at her. Porn sex video online.

She was an attractive woman.

She was tall, with a curvy pair of stunning handsome extra-long legs, and her square chin and broad shoulders gave her an athletic look without being overdone.

"What the hell does he see in that redhead anyway?" A glum look crossing over the features of Cassie’s lovely face.

"The opportunity of getting into her panties," Susan replied with a chuckle.

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Cassie made a half laughed and hiked the hem of the dress to her waist.

"Hell, he'd have a better chance with me. Sexchat live peru video.

I'm not wearing any.

" Susan sat, for a long moment, gazing at the thin patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair that seemed to glisten in the moonlight.

Quickly, she turned her attention away and took a long drink from her glass. Uk sex hookups sevierville.

Cassie sat the glass down and reaching out took Susan's hand into hers.

Quickly, Susan turned and gazed at Cassie.

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