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I have to admit, I was very nervous and actually needed to psych myself up before tapping the numbers.

It didn’t help that the country code plus Trac Phone code plus some other bullshit code was like the launch sequence of a fucking ICBM.

I screwed it up multiple times and had to use my company-issued iPhone to look up the country code. Banoko boy webcam.

Finally, I deciphered the secret process and heard the familiar tones of a dialing phone.

Several rings later, Slate answered.

Hello? His greeting was disarming, but not cheesy.

I identified myself as Steve, and that we had planned on touching base.

Of course! China teen webcam. he cheerfully acknowledged, his attention to customer service being evident right away.


We talked for about fifteen minutes, which was longer than I had anticipated.

I was actually surprised Slate would spend that much time talking, and further impressed with his gentle line of question regarding my wife. Nikolkiss1 sexy girls nude on cam.

He asked about her personality, her sensitivities and her simple pleasures.

I said I didn’t know about any of that crap and that we were looking for a good man to fuck her.

There was silence for a moment, and then a burst of laughter as he realized I was joking. Gif hard orgy sex.

I quickly followed with my appreciation of his willingness to learn about her, and how that knowledge was key to a successful adventure.

We chatted a bit more and it was obvious there was chemistry.


Over the next few weeks, we had set a date for our encounter, and exchanged several emails in which I laid out the rules of engagement. Bustyhellen sex porn pakistan.

We were set to meet him in Toronto on May 25.

We drove to Toronto on Friday and checked into our hotel -- The Trump International Plaza.

As I wanted the most memorable experience, I reserved a suite will all the trimmings -- including a heated bathroom floor! Italy sexs porn chat. I mean, who has a heated floor in the bathroom? Oh well, nothing is too good for my wife.

There were two dates planned for the weekend.

The first would be a get-to-know-you meet up over drinks.

We decided to meet at this new, trendy speakeasy called 70 Down.

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It featured quiet lounge areas perfect for intimate conversation, which would be important for us to get comfortable with each other.

We arrived a few minutes early and quickly found a quiet corner.

We wasted no time ordering drinks from the waitress, a young woman with pierced midriff named Cally. Free sex chat no regesation.

Amanda ordered a Belvedere Martini, up with a stuffed olives.

I ordered very sophisticated Rob Roy.

And of course, Amanda ordered two shots of whiskey like she always does.

This is the playful side of my wife I love.

We made small talk about insignificant things, such as the bar tender’s crooked bowtie and weird hair piece. Online tamil message sex chat.


It’s comforting to make fun of people while you’re waiting for the guy who will be fucking your wife the next night.

Just a couple minutes late, Slate the bar and quickly identified us.

He gracefully moved to me and extended his hand with a firm and friendly handshake. Free vebcam sexist.

Next, he gave Amanda a respectful peck on the cheek and a quick brush of his hand on her shoulder.

He apologized for being late -- there was an accident a few blocks away.

The pictures on the website must have been recent because they were a spot-on match. Web sex 4 cam.

I could tell from Amanda’s initial reaction she was pleased with his looks and even detected a faint blush on her gorgeous face in the flickering glow of the small, scented oil lamps on the table.


When Cally came over with our drinks, he ordered a scotch and soda. Russian sexdating pics.

Good choice, I thought.

We asked her to add a third shot -- symbolic for the experience in store for us the next night.

We sat and made the small, idle conversation one would expect in this situation.

I was pleasantly surprised by Amanda’s assertiveness, but I could tell she was a little nervous. Free sex with busty women in howell.

So was I, but Slate was adept at diffusing this energy.

He put us at ease with light, non-invasive questions about our drive to Toronto and our stay in this wonderful international city.

He had a charm and sense of humor that was surely a turn on for woman, and acceptance into guydom clubs the world over.

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He was no L.


Cool J, but he was making an impression on us.

We spent about an hour with Slate, and I mentioned it was time for me and my wife to move onto the next phase of our evening -- dinner at a French restaurant called Auberge du Pommier.

Oh, Slate exclaimed. Hot emo girl webcam.

You’ll love it.

It’s wonderful and the staff is very attentive.

I thought it was interesting that he mentioned the attentive service, rather than the food.

I reasoned he was focused on serving people.

Over dinner, Amanda and I discussed the brief meeting with Slate. Yumygirl99 web cam sex girls.

So, what do you think? I asked in a prodding, playful way.

Amanda paused for a second, letting her opening to her response hang just a bit.


I… think he’s kinda hot! I was at the same time surprised and elated by her answer, and thankful she could make an honest observation without worrying about my reaction. Cuminmenowbby live sex chat without registering.

And I have to admit, I was a bit turned on with her enthusiasm.

Searching for affirmation, I pressed on.

Should we invite him on a date? Sure, came her response, with a slight uptick at the end, suggesting a daring curiosity.

Teen orgasm on webcam.