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“Hi, honey,” Bob said. “Bad news. Local maitland who want to fuck. John and I have to stay over in Cresston.”


“Well, the client was impressed with our quotes. The President and the CFO told us over lunch that they think they’ll be in a position to award their business tomorrow. South bend indiana women that want to fuck. They thought it would be advisable for us to stay over in case they have any more questions. If everything goes well, they’ll sign the contracts in the morning.”

“That’s great,” Lucinda said, her voice sounding dead to her ears.

“I miss you.”

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“I miss you, too.” She said it automatically, perfunctorily.

“Guess I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”

“Sure. Bye.”

After she had hung up, Lucinda said, “Shit!” She had forgotten to ask him the name and phone number of the hotel where they’d be staying. Pussy cape coral that want fucked. How stupid! If he really was in Cresston, that is. She called his cellphone but it went straight to voice-mail. Fuck that skank. She didn’t leave a message.

She sat smoldering for a half-hour, her mind conjuring images of Bob fucking the brunette she had seen him with at the Propensa Hotel.

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