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Seth reclined in his litter, borne upon the shoulders of four servants as they elevated him above the crowded marketplace.

He stared up at cloudless blue sky while they made their stuttering, stop-and-start way through the throng and toward the slave pens. Free mature sex chat sites.

He'd ventured out with a mission today.

A particular need had overcome him, a rather.

insatiable craving, and his usual methods of indulgence were proving wanting of late. Webcam free chat married.

The brothels and the infrequent liaisons with other lords barely satisfied him anymore.

He needed something more.

Needed someone more often.

Hence, the slave pens.

The litter turned off the main market road of the city and drew to a halt. Daddy cam sex.

Seth popped his head up.

They were here! Shopping was always exciting, but especially so when he was on the hunt for such a wickedly indecent acquisition.


Soon he'd be amidst a parade of fine, strong slaves, all of them there for him.

He'd take the fieriest of them, the most powerful. Jennifer lawrence sexy nude pics.

Nothing else would do.

Seth didn't even wait for a hand down—he hopped from the litter and pranced his way into the slave pens.

His clerk and a few members of his personal guard trotted along after him whilst the bearers stayed with the litter. Eliza-sofhia free online sex video chat no sign up.

They'd been sent ahead to the master so that he might have a chance to gather what Seth was looking for.

As it happened, Seth had a very particular type of man in mind.

Ah, and it looked like the master had not disappointed him. Sex at the bunny ranch.

A line of naked men, every single one tall and looking like they wrestled bears for fun, stood just beyond the entrance to the pens.


Shackles held their hands behind their backs and their cocks hung bare before them.

The breath whooshed out of Seth in a sigh. Webcam girl nude pics.

Sweet gods, he'd take them all if he could! All at once.

All at the same time.

"I see that my selection pleases you, my lord.

" That would be the master, emerging from the shade of a sycamore to join Seth before the line of slaves.

The master was an older man, his hair just beginning to silver. Hookup with sexy video.

Sleek and refined, he looked like he'd be more at home as a priest, but Seth knew better.

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