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They were in their late twenties and had a couple of young kids; one boy, one girl.

I bumped into them on the day they were moving in and made coffee.

They introduced themselves as Jane and Martin and we quickly became friends.

Jane was a teacher who had given up work to devote her time to the two kids; Martin was something in computers for a big company. Naked nude sexy teen striptease video.

As Jane was usually around during the day and I was working evenings in a bar, we often spent time together chatting and playing with the kids.

Jane is what I'd call a typical mother: her straight dark hair is cut in a bob, she wears fairly frumpy comfortable clothes and always has a pocket full of tissues. Amia miley new porno.


She does have a nice slim body with full hips (what my granny used to call 'child bearing hips') and good, shapely legs.

She has a great sense of humour although her conversation is usually limited to bitching about people and talking about TV soap operas. Vikkylush chat porn webcam video.

Martin is fairly cool, although a little bit too sporty for my liking.

He plays football, squash and cricket for various local amateur teams and works out at the gym a couple of times a week.

He is tall, slim and, like Jane, has a great sense of humour, although he does tend to turn into an arsehole when he's drunk. Girls getting naked on webcam.

I think I had known them for about eight months when, one rainy afternoon, the conversation between Jane and myself turned to sex.


The subject came up because of a survey we took in a popular woman's magazine entitled 'How is your sex drive?' My score was through the roof but Jane's came down as slightly low. Analfst no sign up cam sex.

She confessed that she found sex with Martin fairly boring and routine.

I ended up letting her use me as an agony aunt and suggested several things she could do to spice things up in bed.

I think they had fallen into the same trap that a lot of couples fall into, not making time for themselves. Hard deepthroat fucking.

Instead of making sex special, it was just something they did before falling asleep a couple of nights a week.

My suggestion was for Jane to get rid of the kids for a night, dress in something sexy and seduce Martin.


I didn't see her for a week but the next time we met up she was smiling broadly and thanked me for my advice.

'I got Martin to take a half-day and packed the kids off to his Mum’s. 30 min group boob sex.

I closed all the curtains and lit candles all over the house.

Then I dressed in a white satin teddy, silk French knickers, stockings and heels and waited for him in the living room,' she told me excitedly.

'He walked in and his eyes almost fell out of his head,' she continued.

'Ooo, sounds good,' I smiled, 'come on, I want all the details and use all the bad words.

' Jane blushed at this but continued: 'Well, he stripped to his underpants and joined me on the sofa. Sexe live chat.

We began kissing, his hands were all over me and I could see his knob was really hard in his pants.


I pulled it out and started wanking him off as he kissed my neck and fondled my boobs.

He pulled me down on to the floor in front of the fire, pulled my knickers off and slid his fingers inside me. Samantha sin cuckold porno pics.

I was soaking wet and almost orgasmed when he touched me.

I wanted him so badly that I just pushed him on his back and sat on his cock! He lay back and let me ride him for a bit then pushed me over and started doing me in the missionary position, kissing me all the time. Bbw smoking webcam.

He came fairly quickly and immediately moved down my body and went down on me to make me cum.

' 'Does he lick you clean?' I asked, getting hot from the story.


I dared him to once when we first met and he's always done it since.


I don't usually cum from his penetration alone, I need a lot of stimulation on my clitoris,' Jane replied.

'So what happened next?' I prompted.

'When we'd both cum we stripped naked and cuddled on the sofa. Plus size sexy bunny.

Honestly Lucy, I can't remember the last time we had time to do that.

He was soon hard again, so I mounted him and we made slow, sensual love.

I always like the second time because he takes ages to cum and I get chance to play with my clit for long enough to make myself orgasm. On linesex live.

After the second shag we had a bite to eat then enjoyed a bath together.

We ended up doing it again after the bath, too.

We were drying each other and I flicked his bum with the towel.


He chased me into the bedroom, bent me over the bed and took me from behind. Tallis qehbeleri femdom porno.

He also slapped my bum until it was red while he was shagging me.

' 'So that's three times then.

Not bad for an old couple,' I laughed.

'Bog off! We're only in our late twenties and you’re 22!’ Jane exclaimed.

Anyway, we’re going to make sure we have a night to ourselves like that at least once a month.

' About a month later, Jane invited me over for a meal with some friends of theirs. Free live muslim sex chat rooms.

Jane is a great cook and often gives dinner parties.

She also insists on everyone making an effort and dressing for dinner.

I usually begged out of the invites as I found her friends tedious, but realised that I had made excuses for the last three invites and I didn't want to offend.

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I said I would be there and tried to figure out what to wear.

In the end Susie, my best friend, came to the rescue and lent me a cocktail dress she had bought and never worn.

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