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But then he took over, aiming his shaft right at my face, and stroking at the tip with just two fingers.

Then suddenly he gasped, and a great rope of semen exploded out of the end and landed right on my forehead and over my nose.

I shut my eyes and felt the next loop splatter across my eyelid, then more on my cheeks. No subscription adult webcam.

At last, I felt him wiping his knob-head across my face, smearing off the final drops.

Carefully, I opened my eyes, catching with my finger the loop that hung from my eyelid.

My heart was pounding.

I could feel the warm loops of thick semen on my face starting to cool and run down my cheeks and forehead. The brown bunny sex scene.

One sleeve of my nightie had slipped down, exposing my bare breast, and I pulled it up just as a dollop of his mess dripped off my chin onto the material.


Every time I took a breath I could smell the musky scent of the fresh ejaculate filling my nostrils. Sex slut in yeosu.

Oh, that is so lovely, murmured Claire.

She had stopped masturbating, and couldn’t seem to take her eyes off my dripping face.

The man was still holding his dick, as a last droplet of white semen oozed out of the end.

"Would you like me to clean that up for you? Skype sex usa. she went on, and knelt down next to me, taking the man’s dick into her mouth and sucking the remaining dollops of semen off, until it was clean again.

You are very lovely, but I think we need to put you away again, don’t we? she said with a smile, addressing the man’s dick directly, before she tucked the wilting organ back into his trousers and zipped them up.

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She stood up and kissed him on the lips.

Thank you, that is just perfect, she said.

But now you have to go, and so do we.

Come, Annie.

She extended her hand to me.

I took it, and she raised me from the floor.

Still leading me by the hand, she turned and walked briskly off down the corridor. Lil mary webcam model video.

Behind us, I heard the click of the man’s door as he shut it behind him.

I assumed we would be going back to our room, but I was wrong.

Instead, Claire turned to me.

Now Annie, it is time for the second act of our little play.

Are you ready to do what I tell you? Alter69boy free sex veb cam. I nodded, suddenly nervous again.

What did she have in mind? I want you to go down to the Reception Desk and order breakfast for us.


That is all, it is very simple, but of course you must not wipe your face.

I opened my mouth to protest, but she hushed me. Sex cam black.

No, Annie, remember your promise.

No questions, no words.

I promise this is your last task for tonight.

You will do it, I know.

I swallowed and nodded again.

My head was spinning, but I knew I would do whatever Claire asked, no matter how humiliated it made me feel. Maliaysia sex dating com.

She could tell I was nervous.

She took my hand and squeezed it.

Do not worry, my sweet Annie.

It will be fine, I know it.

But you must go now, while the semen is still fresh.

Be quick.

I will wait for you in our room.

I smiled as bravely as I could.

She let go of my hand, and I was on my own.

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I walked slowly down the corridor, the carpet soft under my bare feet.

Looking down, I felt ridiculously relieved that I had redone the varnish on my toenails; at least they looked smart.

I wondered what would happen if someone came out of their room as I walked past; would they notice my face? Sexweb mobil cartoonsex. Or would they be more interested in my almost-nude body? I reached the lift, pushed the call button, and waited, repeating under my breath the mantra Please be empty, please be empty.

I could see the lift coming up from the ground floor.

The bell pinged; for what seemed like minutes the door remained closed, then it swooshed open, to reveal an empty lift. Webcam gay porn tube.


I released my breath and stepped in, pushing the button for the ground floor.

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